“Marry a Pakistani Man? Beware!

polygamy 411“Marry a Pakistani Man? Beware!” Is a sizzling hot topic. Many Pakistani men come to the United States or the United Kingdom in search of a better life. To get the better life, some seek out women in the U.S. or the U.K for marriage. I will use the word “foreign” when I speak of the women or wives from the U.S. and the U.K.

The Pakistani men seem kind, sweet, charming and debonair. Little do some foreign women know that these men have snares. A foreign wife could find herself spun in a web of deception. Some Pakistani men are deceitful. Women especially from the U.S. and the U.K. should beware when it comes to marrying Pakistani men.

Polygamy 411 is a blog about polygamy. The blog has existed for over five years. A large percentage of our commentators from the U.S. or the U.K. married Pakistani men. We have learned that when some of these men marry foreign women, the men do not let these women know they already have wives and probably children that are in Pakistan. They are already married and their other marriage to the foreign women makes these Pakistani men polygamous. Sometimes these men never take the foreign wife to Pakistan to meet their families, relatives, and friends there. Many times the aforesaid people in Pakistan never know of the wife who is in the U.S. or the U.K. The foreign wife becomes a “secrete wife.” More often than not, the Pakistani man has a marriage to his first cousin in Pakistan. They had an “arranged marriage.”

A foreign woman who considers a Pakistani man for marriage should beware that he may one day say he must go back to Pakistan to marry his first cousin, as instructed by his mother, He gives the foreign wife excuses as to why he cannot defy his mother. The reason is cultural, but he may allude that it has to do with Islam when it does not. When the foreign wife learns of the arranged marriage between her husband and his first cousin, she becomes distraught. What should she do? She has already become emotionally invested, and has established a life with this man. She is left with a huge dilemma, which is extremely difficult and painful for her to resolve.

Why do these Pakistani men do this to foreign women? Many do this to get citizenship/naturalization/immigration status in the U.S. or U.K. They want a better life for themselves and their families back home in Pakistan. Some actually fall in love with the foreign women whom they married. Others do not. They simply get the immigration status they sought and then divorce the foreign women.

Any foreign woman who marries a Pakistani man should beware of the lies, deceit and betrayal that may await them. A foreign woman should investigate thoroughly the Pakistani man she intends to marry. She should make sure she meets his family, relatives, and friends in Pakistan. She should ask him if he is already married or if his family has arranged a marriage for him to take place in the future. She should secure her assets, for instance, keep her funds separate from his, or have a prenuptial agreement. Most importantly, she should act, using intellect and not emotions. These men are very suave and convincing.

I in no way assert that every Pakistani man is as I described above. I simply want you to note that based on information I have received on this blog, I have learned there are very many Pakistani men who have done all that I indicated above. We all know nothing is absolute except our Creator. I simply urge all women to beware when they consider a marriage to a Pakistani man.

The problem is so serious that the Muslim Minister Baroness Warsi spoke on it. Click link below to read the article:


To learn more about the Baroness Warsi visit: http://www.sayeedawarsi.com/about/


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