14 Year Old Kills Polygamous Husband

14 year old kills polygamous husband14 year old kills Polygamous husband in Nigeria. The authorities accused Wasila Tasi’u, of lacing a meal with rat poisoning that killed her 35-year-old polygamous husband and three other people. Wasila’s marriage was a couple of weeks old when the murder happened. Her parents had forced her to marry the 35-year-old man.

14 year old kill polygamous husband and her co-wife’s sister (the sister of her husband’s other wife) testified that the 14 year old wasila gave her money to buy the rat poison. Wasila faces the death penalty for the murders. Her father pleaded with the court to spare her of the death penalty.

14 year old kills polygamous husband, why?

14 year old kills polygamous husband, why? I don’t know whether the 14 year old is Muslim or not. If Muslim, it is not lawful for anyone to force a female to marry someone whom she doesn’t want to marry. She must agree to the marriage. It’s clear the 14 year old girl did not want to marry the man. The man was more than twice her age. She evidently did not love him, nor did she respect him.

It’s  too late for the 14 year old Wasila’s father to plead to the court to spare Wasila of the death penalty. He was her father and guardian, yet did not care about her and her feelings before he married her to the man. He didn’t care how she’d feel being in a loveless marriage to a much older man. He was old enough to have fathered her.

A 14 year old kills polygamous husband and it’s very sad

A 14 year old kills polygamous husband and it’s very sad. It’s sad to know that a 14 year old believed she had no way out, but to poison her husband. Wasila probably never thought anyone would suspect she had poisoned her husband. She never thought she’d be a suspect, nor did she think of the consequences of being found out. We shall see what the outcome will be.

14 year old kills her Polygamous husband

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  • Marah S

    April 17, 2016

    just wanted to move on over here,

    the other day we got a visitor and he brought his wife. He’s 30 to 32 I think. And his wife is so young, she’s 16 but she looks and acts like she’s 13. When I met her I got goosebumps. He left her in the car and I went to greet her and invite her in the masjid, she was so scared she wouldn’t go in the masjid to pray until he came out and gave her permission. He brought her over from Morocco , her parents both converted to Islam and moved there from Europe, they never allowed her and her sister to go to school, they only let her brothers go to school, they married her off as soon as she turned 16, I felt so bad for her, she was still very much a child and never even had the chance to go to school, she was telling me that she’s pregnant, and asking me how come I’m not pregnant yet!! lol. The man was so proud that he got a young wife and I was just disturbed and sad for her. I don’t understand how her parents got so misguided to think to think the best they can to do for their daughters were keep them away from education.


  • baseema

    April 17, 2016

    Ana, yes you are right. It was the Paki man. I did get in a major argument with him and still can’t believe he said it, but he told me there is nothing wrong with a 35 year  old man marrying a 14 year old girl! He said as long as the guy is kind, self-supporting, and a good person it was ok. I was like WHAT!?!?! 14 is a child. He said oh in USA 12 year old girls have sex with boyfriends, but 14 year olds are not allowed to be married?? Are you discriminating against marriage?? I said neither is right. Then he pointed out that in Texas a 14 year old girl can get married. But i said first of all, this girl was married against her will. And I don’t think any 14 year old is ready or mature enough for marriage or sex with a boyfriend. I still can’t believe he said that!! https://www.polygamy411.com/wp-content/plugins/wp-monalisa/icons/wpml_negative.gif

  • anabellah

    April 16, 2016


    Thank you much for your comment.

    I don’t think anyone thinks the girl had a RIGHT to kill her husband. Yes, it is okay for older men to marry younger women. The point is that a woman shouldn’t be married to anyone against her will regardless of whether the woman is 8 or 80. Her consent is required.

    The girl in this story was the victim of being wed to someone whom she didn’t want to marry. It’s unlawful regardless that a man can marry a younger woman.

    The father may not have care because maybe he got paid or thought the girl was one less mouth for him to feed or maybe the man she married was some type of sheik, respected elder or some type of title person such as it. Who knowshttps://www.polygamy411.com/wp-content/plugins/wp-monalisa/icons/wpml_unsure.gif I don’t know the outcome. The dad needs to take responsibility for his lack of responsibility when it came to his daughter and her happiness and well-being.

    Why don’t you try marrying someone whom you don’t like and have him have sex with you all the time. See how you like it.

    You think she should have taken another avenue such as run-a-way etc. I don’t know if it was an option for her. Why don’t you tell those 200 plus Nigerian school girls that Boko Haram abducted that they should just run away?  Everything isn’t that simple.

    The girl in the case that we’re referencing did what she thought she had to do. It’s alhumdulliah! All affairs return to Allah for decision. Allah tell us when Killing is lawful. No one that I know is supporting her actions.

    Thank you again for speaking up and voicing your views. I appreciate it.

  • reason

    April 16, 2016

    I agree that no person (woman or man) should be forced into a marriage with a person that they do not want to marry. However, absent of any evidence physical abuse or threats to the girls safety,  I do not think that the killing was lawful. 

    Marrying someone half your age, while repulsive in the eyes of many Western minds, is not unlawful in Islam, or in the the culture/religion from which the girl come from. How can we then support an unlawful killing for a act which was lawful?

    Brides run away all the time. Others declare a divorce and remarry someone of their own liking.  There are many things she could have done in order to refuse to remain married to her husband but did she have to deny her co-wives their husband as well by murdering him? 



  • anabellah

    December 1, 2014

    Below is a short video about “Female Genital Mutilation” that is easier to watch than many. It was the only one I was able to bring myself to watch.

  • anabellah

    December 1, 2014

    Spirited, Wa Alaikum As Salaam,

    We had a post about female genital mutilation on the older version of polygamy 411. I think the procedure, which is forced upon women is prevalent in a number of the African countries.

    Men are so stupid. They think it’s okay to take away a woman’s libido but, at the same time, think they could receive pleasure from them when many of the women have excruciating pain, as a result of the procedure, anytime they have sexual intercourse. The women receive NO enjoyment from the sexual act. Isn’t part of the pleasure that a man receives from the sexual act suppose to come from pleasing the woman? Men seem to always get things @$$ backwards.

    When I read the article, I thought about what actor “Samuel Jackson” said in the “Mississippi Burning” movie – I hope he dies (which the girl’s husband is dead) and I hope he burn in Hell. Now the father is pleading for the court to spare his daughter’s life from the death penalty when “he” was the very one who “sold” the daughter to the pervert. The man clearly married the girl for lustful reasons the same as most of these older men marry these young girls.

  • Spirited

    December 1, 2014

    Salaam guys,

    I see nothing wrong with what the little girl did

    Seriously though, I don’t feel bad for the man, the girl is the victim here and if she is executed, that would be tragic. I guess it was really the only thing she could think to do. What SHOULD have happened is the so-called-husband should have had his balls cut off, problem solved. Nigeria is, sadly, one of the places where “female circumcision” still takes place (aka — “no sexual pleasure for females, only men deserve to enjoy sex”). The men in the country should be on the receiving end once in a while. Fair is fair, right?

    Though taking a life is a serious crime, the child may have been justified. None of us know what the entire situation was, but in my limited understanding, I don’t think taking a 14-yr old’s life is the right solution here. May Allah lead her to the best resolution in this awful situation.

  • anabellah

    November 30, 2014


    It’s very sad that many men in the world today are only interesting in fulfilling their fantasies and desires. They think nothing of what the young girls have to endure. The girls aren’t allowed to grow up and marry and love boys that are their peers – boys the girls age. They get to know nothing of what used to be called “puppy love” or a “crush” etc. They know nothing of young love or what it’s like to feel they don’t want to be without someone or are unable to live without one someone and spend all day and night on the phone with someone, with longing to be with the person. It’s all stolen from her.

    The problem is worldwide. It occurs regularly in countries such as Saudi Arabia, for one. Even with the Mormon faith, the men send the young boys away, so the older men could have the young girls.

    I get disgusted at the many Muslim men who run about trying to find virgins, and encourage all males to marry virgins. They say it’s Islam It is a straight up lie. It is not Islam. Men are supposed to protect and maintain women, yet they do the entire opposite. They oppress, abuse, and use women. They have the regard for women that males had in pre-Islamic times. It’s pathetic.

  • Gail

    November 30, 2014

    This child had no reason to be married to someone twice her age and although it is horrible what she did it is equally if not more horrible for a man to take a child bride.I am certain the child was traumatized and seen it as a means to an end to poison him.Th others were just at the wrong place at the wrong time.