A Reason to Embrace a Polygamous Marriage

a reason to embrace a polygamous marriage

A reason to embrace a polygamous marriage is because Allah tells us in the Holy Quran that we are to follow the ways of His Prophets. The Prophets are our examples. We know Prophets Abraham, Jacob, and Muhammad (Peace and blessings of Allah be upon them) were all polygamous. I’m sure others were, as well. Polygamy was good for them. It is good for us.

Most people cannot think of a single reason women should like polygamy. Most women don’t like it. They don’t want their husbands to become polygamous. I will give you more reasons why a woman should like it.

A woman should embrace a polygamous marriage to avoid being like Satan (Iblis)

The wives of the Prophet Muhammad (PBUH) were known as the “Mothers of the Believers”. They embraced polygamy. Why shouldn’t we? The fact that the “Mothers of the Believers” were in a polygamous marriage to the Prophet Muhammad (PBUH) is a reason to embrace polygamous marriage.

What makes a woman think she is better than the “Mothers of the Believers”? Is she proud the way Satan (Ibis) was? Is she arrogant the way he was?  Allah tells us in the Holy Quran to accept all the Quran. We should not accept only the parts that we like. Allah made polygamy lawful for men. Who are women to go against Allah?

A reason to embrace a polygamous marriage is because we should like what Allah likes

We should do more than just endure polygamy. We should be excited about it. A woman shouldn’t feel or think she has to put up with it, as she has no way out. She should feel good about it. She should like it in her heart and mind.

Allah did not say all men must become polygamous. We should still like polygamy as a way of life that Allah has allowed for men. We should like it, if Allah puts us in it or not. If we are in it, we should embrace it.

A reason to embrace a polygamous marriage is so we are not like unbelievers

Allah says if we follow the common run of people, they will lead us astray. Most people think of any reason not to like polygamy. Many Muslims give reasons to not like polygamy. They give the same reasons that non-Muslims give. When a Muslim acts or thinks or is like a non-Muslim, he is an unbeliever. Allah says those who reject His signs (ayat) are no better than the unbelievers. If we dislike polygamy the way they do, we are the same as they are.

We shouldn’t want to be like unbelievers. All one has to do is go online to a Muslim marriage website to see the many Muslim women who don’t like Polygamy. The women state in their profiles that they don’t want any man who wants to live a polygamous lifestyle. She talks the way an unbeliever does.

A reason to embrace a polygamous marriage is so we aren’t Muslims who dislikes what Allah has made lawful.

When a Muslim woman says she doesn’t like something that Allah has allowed, she is wrong. She is like Satan. She is proud. She is arrogant? A person who dislikes polygamy has a problem in her soul. Her soul lacks light. Her soul is dark. It needs to be purified.

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a reason to embrace a polygamous marriage



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