About our DiscussionsLet me tell you a little about our discussions, before you delve in. It’s not about how well anyone writes. To clarify, it is not about punctuation, spelling, grammar, correct or incorrect English, or any of those things. That is to say, writing skills do not matter to us. Basically, we urge all to express themselves in a way that is easy for them. We allow our writers to use symbols, as well.

About our discussions, know that we are global

I ask you to remember that many from all around the globe are here with us. Notably, for many, English is their second language, and it is amazingly awesome that they write here.

For one thing, we should remember how difficult it was, and it is to learn our own language. Then we’d know what it takes for many to learn a foreign one.

I admire anyone who can speak or read a foreign language. The writers here fascinate me.

I’m grateful for all who come to this blog, the readers and especially the writers. Most importantly, my gratitude is to Allah.

About our discussions, we welcome all on the planet with a few exceptions

However, we will not accept anyone who is against polygamy. With this in mind, we will not allow anyone to come here to ask people to hate it. This is not a blog for those who reject polygamy as a way of life.

For those whom we welcome, please share with us as much as you would like to. Only share what makes you comfortable. We’d like to know your thoughts on what you read here, as well.

Most people feel uneasy when they write on a blog for the first time. I remember the first time that I wrote on one. It felt weird. It was as though people could see me, and knew who I was. Today, many know who I am, so, it’s okay. In fact, there is a kind of freedom in being known.

Without further to do, let loose. Don’t worry about what others think of you. Just be uniquely you…

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About our DiscussionsAbout Our Discussions