Ana aka Anabellah of Polygamy 411

ana aka Anabellah of polygamy 411

I’m Ana aka Anabellah of Polygamy 411. I was born and live in US. Although I was born to Christian parents, I reverted to Islam. I’m Muslim for 29 years at the time of this writing. In February 2009, I launched Polygamy It’s a blog about living polygamy. The focus is on polygamy in Islam.

I, Ana aka Anabellah of Polygamy 411 is no specific type of Muslim. After all, Allah named us “Muslim.” Therefore, it’s what I am. Allah, in the Holy Quran, specifically commands us not to divide our religion into sects. Thus, I don’t belong to any. Neither do I associate myself with them.

I try my best to obey Allah. If others disobey Him by categorizing themselves or classifying me with a sect, they’ll account to Allah for it. The sin is theirs, not mine. For the most part, I try to use the Holy Quran as my guide when I write on this blog.

Understandably, I have much insight about the lifestyle. A lot of it comes from having spoken with many people from all over the globe who are in polygamous marriages. Furthermore, I’ve talked with those who know others who have lived polygamous lives and have shared their stories.

There are some who don’t agree with the views of Ana aka Anabellah of Polygamy 411

Anyone who dislikes my views or doesn’t like me could leave. The beauty of the worldwide web is that one can quickly click out of a site. We don’t hold anyone hostage here. To put it another way, those who don’t like it here could go to a site that represents their views. Perhaps, they’ll find a site that is suitable for them.

Notably I, Ana aka Anabellah of Polygamy 411, have the right to not approve a post. I may block or ban anyone who comes to this blog who I don’t want here for whatever reason(s). For Instance, I’ll ban anyone who shows up here and slander Allah, Islam or any of Allah’s Prophets (may the peace and blessings of Allah be upon all of them).

Having been the subject of hate on the internet, I, Ana aka Anabellah of Polygamy 411, must restrict how much information I share about myself

For those who are new to polygamy 411, you need to know I won’t share all that I know of polygamy. It’s because some envious and hateful people from another blog felt a need to post to the world my husband’s and my real names. Additionally, they posted some of our personal, private information, including his mother’s obituary (That blog has since removed it).

They wanted to ruin our lives, but ended up the losers. How insanely wretched it is that someone would try to destroy lives of people they don’t even know. Evidently, their evil plots didn’t come to fruition. I thank Allah much for His protection. All praise is due to Allah.

We know that most blogger post with fake names. Of course, I was one of them. I hid my identity for 5 1/2 years on this blog. During the time, I had no problem. Nonetheless, it’s all good. I, Ana aka Anabellah of Polygamy 411, blogged under a fake name long enough. Needless to say, things change. Nothing in life stays the same. Consequently, I simply blog with caution now. You may ask, if my husband is polygamous. All things considered, I, Ana aka Anabellah of Polygamy 411, now am my husband’s only wife.

I, Ana aka Anabellah of Polygamy 411, on the older version of the blog, shared a story about a number of characters

For a while, I retired them. But I’ve now written a book about them. It’s “The Silent Tears of Polygamy.”  Without any exaggeration, it’s an excellent read, based on a true story that gives an in-depth look at what it’s like to live a polygamous life as a Muslim woman in the US.

Happy Blogging to all who join us here!

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ana aka Anabellah of polygamy 411

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