ArticlesIn this section you’ll find a list of articles about polygamy written by the administrator of the blog. The knowledge that she has of the subject is vast. It’s knowledge that she has acquired over the years.

She writes about what she knows the visitors would like to read. Most importantly, she writes based on her study and knowledge of the Holy Quran. Her Islamic studies have helped her to write very relevant and useful articles.

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The administrator has written the articles from a practical view. Needless to say, there is a lot of information on the Internet based on theory. Generally speaking, theorizing does not always help the average reader.

Another key point is that she shares that which will help you to live a polygamous lifestyle in peace and harmony. Furthermore, it will help those who may one day live it. Many Muslims didn’t see a polygamous lifestyle coming for them, but it arrived. Oftentimes, it’s a shocker.

A Muslim never knows when she or he may end up in a polygamous marriage. Although, only men may have more than one spouse. It’s important to realize that a Non-Muslim may find herself living the lifestyle, as well. Usually it happens when she marries a Muslim man. The articles will benefit those who have a general interest in the topic of polygamy in Islam, as well.

There is a comment section for each article. Please stay on topic. For those who want to talk about general stuff, there is an assigned special “Discussions” area. There is a new discussion thread for each month. To learn more about polygamy in Islam from an up-close and personal perspective, read The Silent Tears of Polygamy .

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