Book about Muslim PolygamyAuthor Robin Johnson wrote “The Silent Tears of Polygamy”, a book about Muslim polygamy in Islam. It’s based on a true story of an American female who lives in the US. Her name is Anastasia, also known as Ana.

This remarkable novel is a disturbing and heart-wrenching tale. It tells of how a couple’s relationship deteriorates after the husband decides to marry another woman named Carolyn. She becomes his second wife. She was a former girlfriend with whom he had a relationship before he met and married Ana. When he announces to Ana that he will marry Carolyn, it catches her totally off-guard.

She felt betrayed, bereft and utterly destroyed by this new arrangement. Sadly, it would take years before she was able to cope with the polygamous relationship that her husband forced her into.

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The author would like to thank the regulars who write here at polygamy 411 for their help in making the blog and support group a huge success. As a thank you, she will send them a copy of the e-book as a gift. They could expect to receive the free copy by way of email notification on or shortly after the release date. Those who think they may receive the novel for free should make sure they use a valid email address when leaving a comment on the blog.

“The Silent Tears of Polygamy” is an extraordinary book about Muslim polygamy. Actually, it is like none other.

For more information about the book and the author, visit the website: The Silent Tears of Polygamy
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