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Robin is Ana of Polygamy 411

As some of you may know by now, Robin is Ana of Polygamy 411. Robin is my real name. When envious, hateful people first put my real name out there in cyberspace, it disturbed me. Little did I know that it would benefit me in a huge way. We never know what Allah has decreed…

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What Ana Polygamy Believes Revisited

I am writing this post, “What Ana Polygamy Believes revisited”, due to a couple of posts that I received recently from two commentators that flabbergasted me. In this case, I wonder where their heads were. Where have they been all this time? How do they process information? How in the world do they think? I’m…

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Who is Ana of the Polygamy 411 Blog

Who is Ana of the polygamy 411 blog? Some have guessed about who she is. There are others who have come to their own conclusion. For the most part, many have made up stories in their minds about who she is. They believe what they want to believe about her. So, who exactly is she?…

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Polygamy Marriage Support Group

Polygamy 411 is a free polygamy marriage support group and blog. Many people who find themselves in polygamous marriages feel very much alone. They think there is no one who understands what they are going through. They think there is no one they can talk to about it. Our polygamy marriage support group and blog…

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Mission of Polygamy 411

The mission of polygamy 411 is to help people understand polygamy as it relates to Islam. Polygamy 411 is not a polygamy club. We are not a first wives club. We are a blog for everyone with a positive interest in polygamy. Many people have problems in polygamous marriages. We are here to help them…

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Ana aka Anabellah of Polygamy 411

I’m Ana aka Anabellah of Polygamy 411. I was born and live in US. Although I was born to Christian parents, I reverted to Islam. I’m Muslim for 29 years at the time of this writing. In February 2009, I launched Polygamy It’s a blog about living polygamy. The focus is on polygamy in…

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Improved Free Polygamy in Islam Blog

Welcome to our improved free Polygamy in Islam blog. We are back and better than ever. As you can see, we have given Polygamy 411 a new look. We have made some updates, as well. As some may remember, we first launched the blog in February 2009. It’s wonderful to have all of our fabulous…

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New Pro Polygamy in Islam Blog

We bring you a new pro polygamy in Islam blog. The posts will answer the most often asked questions about polygamy in Islam.¬†Additionally, we give free advice. Especially being that most who write on this blog have life experience in polygamy, which they share here. We welcome all to share their stories. The new pro…

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