Do Muslims Idealize Polygamy

Do Muslims Idealize PolygamyDo Muslims idealize polygamy? Meaning, do the men want to become polygamous because the Prophet Muhammad (PBUH) was? On this blog, a commentator said men want to be like the Prophet Muhammad (PBUH). I wouldn’t say that Muslims use Allah’s Prophet, his wives,and the Quran to glorify polygamy as the writer suggested. Although some men may do it, there is much more to it than that.

Rather, when we think of Allah’s Prophet, his wives and the Quran, we should remember what Allah has instructed us to do. He says use the Quran as our guide in life and the Prophets as our examples. Furthermore, we are to commemorate the stories that are in the Quran and put what we learn from those stories into practice. It’s what Allah commands us to do.

Although no man will be like the Prophet Muhammad (PBUH), we as Muslims should strive for his attributes and emulate him. He was the best of mankind and had the best character.

So, it’s not about idealizing polygamy. It’s about us obeying Allah who is God and doing all that he says. It is about believing as He tells us to, and what He tells us to.

Do Muslims idealize polygamy or use it as a cover up for their real reason to become polygamous?

They say they want to become polygamous and give reasons for it, but is it the real reason? The man didn’t have to give a reason for marrying in monogamy. If he could afford it and the right woman presented herself, then it was all that he needed (We’re not talking about her qualities). Therefore, there is no need for him to give a reason to become polygamous.

It’s true. Some men say they want to have more than one wife, because the Prophet Muhammad (PBUH) did it. The men say they wants to follow the Prophet’s way. They may say it, knowing many people frown on that form of marriage.

There are men who want to engage in polygamy for lust and desire, as well. They disguise the real reason for one that is more noble. You know the saying. They want to live as the Prophet Muhammad (PBUH) did. Usually, men won’t admit that they want to have sexual intimacy with another woman, which is the real reason that they want to take on another wife.

The Question Should not be: Do Muslims idealize polygamy? Polygamy is a good form of marriage

Allah permits polygamy for all mankind on this planet in terms of men having more than one wife. He commanded both forms of marriage, monogamy and polygamy. Yet, man (as in mankind) only accepts one of them. They only embrace monogamy. It is a major difference between the two types of marriages.

It appears that over the years many men decided that they don’t want polygamy for their daughters, so they outlawed it or made it something shameful. They followed the lust of their hearts. They rejected Allah and went astray.

Many reject what Allah has made lawful. They do it when they reject polygamy. Allah tells us not to make unlawful what he has made lawful. Anyone who rejects polygamy, rejects Allah. It’s the bottom line.They are known as those who reject faith.

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Do Muslims Idealize Polygamy
Do Muslims Idealize Polygamy

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