Do Piety and Polygamy Go Together

Do polygamy and piety go togetherDo piety and polygamy go together? I can say with certainty that a woman who is in a polygamous marriage is not necessarily more pious than a woman who is not. The type of marriage that one is in does not make one pious in and of itself. There is nothing in the Quran that says that a woman who is in a polygamous marriage is better than one who is not.

Although, I can see how being in a polygamous marriage may help a woman on her journey to Paradise. For one thing, I say this because a woman in a polygamous marriage may have to conquer base, lowly emotions that she is sure to have to some degree or another. For instance, jealousy, envy, rancor, selfishness or hatred are some feelings that she may have to learn how to deal with. Such negative feelings are sure to rear their ugly heads in her every now and again. She will need to learn how to subdue those emotions. That is if she wants to survive in a polygamous marriage. She will need to face those feelings head on, if she wants to have a successful union.

How do piety and polygamy go together?

Women who are in polygamous marriages have a lot to learn. For one thing, they must learn to share. Of course a husband will be with one wife, leaving the other alone at time. When he is gone, she will need to take charge of herself and their children. It’s when she may have to fend for herself. Especially, it is if she has no family or friends nearby.

Not only do women who are in polygamous marriages need to step up when they are alone. There are single women who have no husbands who have to do it, as well. Some women in monogamous marriages may have to rise to the occasion when their husbands are away. Perhaps the husbands are away on business trips. Maybe the husbands are in the military and deployed etc. Needless to say, women, married or not, have a lot in common in respect to having to look out for themselves sometimes.

We all should learn to put Allah first in our lives. Wives should not make their husbands their priority in life. First, the wife needs to turn to Allah for Him to make Him number one in her world.

She needs to get her soul purified, and I cannot stress it enough. It’s because no one can enter Paradise with an impure heart. The base emotions that I named above could keep a woman from growing nearer to Allah. For one thing, wives competing with each other for their husband’s love and affection could get in the way of their progress. It is because we should compete for righteousness, not for the love of a husband.

Do piety and polygamy go together? Well, not necessarily

Allah says the most honorable person is the one who is most righteous. The most righteous person could be married, divorced, widowed, or never was in a marriage at all. Allah knows best who the most righteous of us is.

In conclusion, it is not the type of marriage that a woman is in that makes her pious. However, a polygamous marriage could be a good start in helping to purify her heart. It is all about turning to Allah and putting Him first. A polygamous marriage could help a woman to overcome negative feelings that she has.

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do piety and polygamy go together

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  • anabellah

    August 17, 2016

    Marah S,

    Thank you! Your comment/post inspired me to write this post theme. What you said was very important. It needed a post/thread by itself, for those surfing the net. We need to remind one another because this is the type of stuff that we overlook or tend to forget 🙂

  • Marah S

    August 17, 2016

    I love this post, and how honest you are. It’s so important to get this message across. A lot of people have this misconception.

  • Karima

    August 17, 2016

    Salam sis Ana

    great post thank you for being here for us! May Allah bless you and all the sisters here?

  • anabellah

    August 16, 2016

    Oooops, I had to make a correction. In the forth paragraph I had the word “polygamous” where it should have been “monogamous”. Sorry about that.