important message about Polygamy 411Here is an important message about polygamy 411 for all our visitors. To all readers and those who post comments here, please note and note well, I am a firm believer in privacy. Privacy is extremely important to me.

Please know that I will not give your email address to anyone without you telling me to do so. Especially, I will not post anyone's real identity on polygamy 411 unless he or she asks me to. Additionally, I will not post information that will help anyone find out who you are, unless you want it known.

When a blogger uses a fake name or blogs anonymously, all should know that he or she doesn't want his or her true identity known. Therefore, I will not allow anyone else to share that information here either.

Important message about polygamy 411. Please use discretion when posting

I tell you to use discretion when you post about your personal life on this or on any other blog. I have no control over what anyone does with what they read here. There are some from other blogs who could use your information to try to find out who you really are.

There were some on another blog who used my information to seek out my identity and posted it on the worldwide web for all to see. You now should know by what has happened to me that there are unscrupulous, immoral, wicked people out there who set out to hurt others. They do so out of hatred, bitterness and envy. They are evil, sinful people.

I respect everyone's privacy who blogs with me here at polygamy 411. This is a proper blog. This is a decent blog. We have decorum here at polygamy 411. I can't stress it enough. There are those from other blogs who could use your information to try to find out who you really are. All of us have a right to privacy. We have a right to have our privacy respected and protected. We especially expect it on a blog when we write anonymously.

The right to privacy is very important to me. I am sure it is of much importance to you, as well. With all of it said, I ask you to blog cautiously. I care about the readers and those who write here at polygamy 411. Especially, you who write here are very special. It goes without saying that the readers are outstanding too. In conclusion, please know that I think that you all rock! Rock steady...

Happy Blogging!

important message about polygamy 411

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