Improved Free Polygamy in Islam Blog

improved free polygamy in Islam blog

Welcome to our improved free Polygamy in Islam blog. We are back and better than ever. As you can see, we have given Polygamy 411 a new look. We have made some updates, as well. As some may remember, we first launched the blog in February 2009. It’s wonderful to have all of our fabulous friends, awesome writers and inquisitive readers back together again.

 Our improved polygamy in Islam blog is not a first wives blog

We care about wives who married their husbands in any order. In other words, first, second, third or fourth doesn’t matter. Generally speaking, all wives are equal in polygamous marriages. All wives have similar feelings and needs regardless of what number they married in. They all have a lot in common. It appears that the similarities outweigh the differences.

Take note that we are a support group, as well. Our mission is to have all wives find a camaraderie. We welcome all who are in  polygamous marriages to take part in our discussions. In fact, we would like anyone who has a positive interest in polygamy to join us here.

Notably, we’re going about things a bit differently on our improved free polygamy in Islam blog

Out with the old and in with the new. Instead of us talking about everything and anything under any of the threads, we have an assigned area for basic chats. There is where all may talk about anything having to do with polygamy, marriage, and relationships. In particular, it is a monthly thread for general discussions.

However, on the threads for particular topics, we ask all to talk about those topics only. Please use the assigned monthly “Discussion” threads for general talk.

Other changes to the blog includes new stuff.  See the  pages at the top of the blog for the various sections. There you can acquaint yourself with the improved free polygamy in Islam blog features.

On the improved free polygamy in Islam blog, I intend to take the role of a moderator more than commentator

I have spoken about my life for the last five and a half years on this blog, and I’m almost all talked out. Therefore, I invite everyone to talk about their lives more for a change. If anyone would like to know about the characters whom I spoke of on the older blog, they’ll have to wait until I write my book.

It may take a while for everyone to know the blog is back in town. So, with it all said, let’s talk. We want to hear what you’ve got to say.

Happy blogging!

New Pro Polygamy in Islam Blog

inproved free polygamy in Islam blog
inproved polygamy in Islam blog

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