list of posts for the polygamy 411 blogIn this section you’ll find a list of posts for the polygamy 411 blog. I, the owner and administrator of the blog, have written the posts. I’ve written them based on my knowledge of the subject. I have acquired a wealth of it over the years.

When I write, I consider what the readers and writers would like to read. Many of them have spoken about their life experiences in living in polygamous marriages. On the other hand, others know of people who live the lifestyle.

Most importantly, I write based on my study and knowledge of the Holy Quran. Additionally, my Islamic studies have helped me to write very relevant and useful articles.

The list of posts for the polygamy 411 blog has articles that should help all

I’ve written them from a practical view. There is so much on the Internet that is based on theory. It is not good. Consequently, I share what one needs to know that will help one to live the lifestyle in peace and harmony. Therefore, I will write posts that will benefit those living the lifestyle. Furthermore, it will help those who may one day live it.

A Muslim man or woman may end up in a polygamous marriage. But only men may have more than one spouse. Non-Muslim may find themselves living the lifestyle, as well. The posts are for those to read who have a general interest in the topic of polygamy in Islam, as well.

There is a comment section for each post. I ask everyone to please stay on topic when they comment there. For those who want to talk about general stuff,  I’ve assigned a special “Discussions” area. A new discussion post/thread will start at the beginning of each month.

In conclusion, let me thank you all for joining us here. God Bless!


list of posts for the polygamy 411 blog

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