Lopsided Polygamous Husbands

lopsided polygamous husbands There will be lopsided polygamous husbands on the Day of Judgement, so some people say. I am sure all Muslims have heard it said. In fact, many Muslims say a husband will find himself lopsided or paralyzed on one side of his body on the Day of Judgement, if he is not fair and just to his wives. It is probably the first thing a person tells a man when the man is getting ready to become polygamous or there are problems in a man’s polygamous marriage.

Indeed, I have heard the saying about the lopsided polygamous husbands all too often. I must say, if all that Allah speaks of in the Holy Quran about the Day of Judgement and the Hell Fire is not enough to makes someone act right, nothing will. To emphasize, I doubt saying a man will have a lopsided body will instill fear in a man. Certainly, there are people on the planet today who have lopsided bodies. It’s silly to think that being handicapped is a scary thing.

It must be remembered that Allah left nothing out of the Holy Quran that we need. He left out what we don’t need. Additionally, Allah says nothing in the Quran about lopsided polygamous husbands. Let me share some facts with you. If something is not in the Quran, we don’t need it. Anything about a lopsided person on the Day of Judgement is pointless.

The saying about lopsided polygamous husbands is doubtful

What good is it for someone to go and grab some useless saying from someplace and present it to someone as fact when it is not? People would rather say about Islam that which they want, and not accept what Allah has given us.

In the Holy Quran, Allah clearly describes how people will look on the Day of Judgment. He tells us how people will act on that day. Allah spells it out plainly and exactly. He tells us what the people who will enter the Hell Fire will look like. He tells us what the people who will enter Jannah/Paradise will look like. What Allah says in the Holy Quran is what matters, not anything else.

Apparently, some people want to scare men straight by saying they will be lopsided polygamous husbands on the Day of Judgement

Maybe a person thinks he could scare a man into acting right in making that statement. Perhaps it would be better if a person described what one who will go to the Hell Fire will look like on the Day of Judgement based on what Allah says in the Holy Quran. Most likely, it would scare a person more.

It’s noteworthy that Allah considers all of a person’s deeds when He decreed the person will go to the Hell Fire or to Jannah/Paradise. He includes everything. Therefore, why not urge a man to be fair, kind and just to all people, so it would count as  good deeds? Allah, in the Holy Quran tells us those are things we should do. In light of that fact, why not urge people to do what Allah says in the Holy Quran to get to Jannah.

The lopsided, deformed person who lives today, and hears such a saying, probably feels very badly about him or herself. I’m sure the saying would hurt a handicapped (lopsided) person. I could hear the person now, saying: “Woh, I’m lopsided. I must look like an awful wretch, if I’m compared to someone who will go to the Hell Fire.” Is such a physical defect that terrible? Is it that awful?

What would I do if someone said to me, about lopsided polygamous husbands, that they had better do right by you or he will end up lopsided on the Day of Judgment

I’d look at the person as though he or she was crazy. I’d laugh in his or her face or tell him or her to get out my face.

In conclusion, a person should fear Allah who is God. He should have hope and pray that he will not enter the Hell Fire. He should hope and pray Allah let him enter Jannah/Paradise. Who cares about a lopsided body in the scope of things? It makes no sense. Why repeat the saying?

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lopsided polygamous husbands

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  • anabellah

    August 21, 2016

    Jenny1972, Welcome!

    In answer to your question, I say, run like your shoes are on fire. Run as far away from him as you can get. Shut down all communication with him. People can be anything they want to be online. You’d do better waiting to meet someone who lives where you live. Have people put feelers out for you to meet men whom they know who are looking for a wife. I wouldn’t advise you to hook up with someone on the internet unless you were going through a site like “Match.com” or a legitimate marriage site. Many Muslims online are just looking for someone to better their lives and lie making the women think it’s all about how much they love the women. They make the women seem like queens who they’ve been looking for all their lives and finally found them. They just want a way out of their miserable life and surroundings. Don’t take a chance on ruining your life. Be smart. I’d say leave that guy alone. I think you’re asking for trouble messing around with him. I don’t know you, but I’m sure you could do better.

  • Jenny1972

    August 21, 2016

    OK i meant this guy on Facebook i accepted his friend request we been talking for a mouth he ask me to marry him right away then if i would become Muslim never answer him but i started falling for him today he ask me to download app so we can talk on that app totally different person but on his Facebook pic this guy on it thought it was his father i just don’t know what to do I am from usa