Men Help Women to Commit Shirk

Men help women to commit shirkMen help women to commit shirk, but many people don’t know it. Some people have never heard of shirk. Shirk is to make someone or something equal to Allah or to give Him a partner. It is a sin that Allah will not forgive unless the person repents. Furthermore, he must ask Allah for forgiveness. It must happen before Allah seizes his soul.

How do men help women to commit shirk? Let’s delve into it a bit and look at it as it relates to a husband and a wife. Some wives wrongly think that if they serve and try to please their husbands they will enter Jannah/Paradise. They’ve been told that they must please their husbands, if they want to enter Jannah. Therefore, the wives set out on a mission to make their husbands happy, thinking it is their ticket to Jannah.

Men help women to commit shirk with ease

Most women don’t know that Allah created all to serve Him. If they knew, they would try to please Him. He created us to worship Him and Him alone. It is our sole purpose in life. If they knew that, they would not focus all their attention on pleasing their husbands. Many times the wives are not aware of Allah when they are trying to please their husbands.

In fact, some wives get it backwards and make their husbands their lord. Some self-serving men such as scholar, sheiks and Imams cause the problem. Said men want to make it easy for men to control women. Therefore, they fool women into believing that they must worship their husbands to enter Jannah. They feed women wrong information intentionally.

Allah let’s us know in the Quran that we don’t have to go through anyone to drawer near to Him. There is no “middle man,” so to speak. A wife doesn’t have to serve her husband to drawer near to Allah. She doesn’t have to make her husband happy for her to enter Jannah. Basically, it is a misconception.

Men help women to commit shirk by frightening them into believing they will not go to Jannah, if their husbands are not pleased with them

Despite what some may have been falsely led to believe, a husband’s anger or displeasure with his wife will not instantly keep her from Jannah. The correct belief in Allah and righteous deeds gets us into Jannah. Our good deeds must outweigh our bad deeds. It’s not about a husband.

What instantly lands us into the Hellfire is shirk. To put a husband before Allah is shirk. To do anything that is pleasing to a husband without considering Allah first is shirk. This world is not about a spouse. It is about our Creator who is Allah. Allah commands us to worship Him. He did not tell us to worship a husband or a wife.

“And he said: “For you, ye have taken (for worship) idols besides Allah, out of mutual love and regard between yourselves in this life; but on the Day of Judgment ye shall disown each other and curse each other: and your abode will be the Fire, and ye shall have none to help.” Quran: Surah 29, ayah 25

Men help women to commit shirk, and women are at fault for not knowing their religion (Islam)

It is important for women to take the lead in learning their religion. They should not rely on what others tell them, especially a man. However, they should conduct their own research.

Allah has given us a Book as a guide. The Book is the Holy Quran. He sent it down as a revelation to His last Prophet to come to mankind. It was the Prophet Muhammad (PBUH). Our Prophet Muhammad (PBUH) lived the Quran. He was the “Walking Quran.” It was his way of life. When he left this earth, he left the Quran for us. The Quran is a warning and a guide for mankind.

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Men Help Women to Commit Shirk

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