Mission of Polygamy 411

mission of polygamy 411

The mission of polygamy 411 is to help people understand polygamy as it relates to Islam. Polygamy 411 is not a polygamy club. We are not a first wives club. We are a blog for everyone with a positive interest in polygamy. Many people have problems in polygamous marriages. We are here to help them work out their problems as best we can.

There is a chance a wife will begin to like polygamy, once she understands it. She may begin to know herself better. Living polygamy forces a woman to take a good look at herself. She may learn a thing or two about human nature and that we all have a lot in common.

The mission of polygamy 411 is for all to share their thoughts, views, and stories about their lives with one another as they connect to polygamy. We ask all to give advice, ask questions, and answer questions. Polygamy 411 is not a place for people to come to hang out and gossip. It’s a place for good, healthy and positive conversation.

The mission of polygamy 411 is to urge Muslims to serve and worship Allah with earnestness

Muslims should obey Allah. A person must know what is in the Holy Quran before he or she could do as Allah says, and worship Him in the right way. We must know what Allah expects of us. We must learn the Quran to live it.

A Muslim must go with all that Allah decides before she or he could be a believer. She or he must accept all that Allah says. Things get better for us when we set aside our desires. A person who is in a Polygamous marriage is in it because Allah placed the person in it. She should eagerly accept it. Polygamy should hold a certain amount of excitement for us.

The mission of polygamy 411 is to remind the believers that they will not enter Paradise without being tested

Allah tells us that we must be tested like those who came before us so we could enter Paradise. We won’t fight the same way the first generation of Muslims did. Our jihad (battle) won’t be the same as theirs. We will have a personal jihad. We will have to fight our desires and battle with Satan.

The mission of polygamy 411 is to tell Muslims that we can be a test for each other

Tests are not always easy to pass. If polygamy is a test for one, she may have to make sacrifices. She may have to experience, pain, toil and struggle.

Could it be that Allah tests some Muslims by placing them in polygamous marriages. He may punishes some with it, as well. A punishment awaits those who fight Allah.

Problems a person has in a polygamous marriage could cause a person to turn to Allah. A wife may seek Allah’s help by asking Him to stop her suffering, take away her pain, take away her agony, and purify her heart. Being in a polygamous marriage may make her realize where she falls short in her worship of Allah. It lets her see her faults.

The mission of polygamy 411 is to warn Muslims to obey Allah

When Allah decides a thing, we shouldn’t question it. We should go with it. If Allah places one in a polygamous marriage, it’s for a reason that only Allah knows.

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mission of polygamy 411

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  • anabellah

    October 7, 2014


    I think you are new here. Welcome!

    Thank you for sharing with us, and letting me to you can relate to the post. It sounds you, your now ex-husband and the co eventually came to understand one another and you and she empathized with each other. I’m wondering where the breakdown occurred that you and he are now not on speaking terms. If you feel like talking about it or talking about anything at all, please join over over on the discussion area https://polygamy411.com/october-14-discussions/


    I hope you don’t mind I moved your comment over to the, “May a Muslim Man Marry a Christian Woman or Jewess https://polygamy411.com/may-muslim-men-marry-christian-women-and-jewess/ It’s where Fatima and Mari2 spoke about their reversion to Islam. I thought it a good place for your comment.

    KA126, maybe it would be easier for you to just go to the “recent comments” on the sidebar area on the right-hand side of the blog and click on anyone’s comment that says “discussions” and it will take you to where everyone is talking. The posts/thread now are only for those who want to comment on the posts/threads topic. Any and all other discussions are held by us on the discussion forum for each month. I hope this is helpful. It’s good to hear from you, KA126. I pray things are better for you now and easier in your marriage since things were finalized. Here’s the link to the discussion area, if you’d like to join us there: https://polygamy411.com/october-14-discussions/

  • nia

    October 7, 2014

    I love this..and all you said I lived and yes she and I both cried our share of tears but not only did we grow closer to Allah we grew. Closer to each other. My xhusband and I no longer speak… His choice but the whole experience has made me a better Muslima. Allah is the disposer of all affairs