Muslims Who Lecture About Polygamy Talk Nonsense

Muslims who lecture about polygamy talk nonsense

I find that some Muslims who lecture about polygamy talk nonsense. They want Muslims to see the good in polygamy and accept it. They don’t want people to see it as a way of life that is out of date or bad. Sadly, they go about it in the wrong way.

Muslims who lecture about polygamy talk nonsense when they try to explain the good in polygamy. For instance, some say it helps correct social problems. To be frank, no one cares. Think about it. Who do you think would willingly place a financial, psychological, and spiritual burden on her or himself to cure social ills? First of all, social problems are a part of life that we can’t fix.

I say Muslims who lecture about polygamy talk nonsense, as I don’t think they get anyone to like polygamy by what they say

What they say won’t make a woman feel better about being in a polygamous marriage. It won’t change what she thinks about it. I’ve heard some of them say that polygamy is good for others but not for themselves. Therefore, what good is talking about it theoretically? It is mere vain talk. For the most part, it’s just hot air coming from the speaker’s mouth.

To talk about the worldly value of polygamy will not cause a wife to like that her husband is polygamous. It will not cause a woman who is single to suddenly like the idea of marrying a man who is already married. Furthermore, it won’t ease the pain that she feels. Hence, it’s useless talk.

Muslims who lecture about polygamy talk nonsense and Muslims in general do, as well

They don’t look at what is most important, which is that Allah allows polygamy for men. If the speaker does not emphasize that very important point, then anything else that he says doesn’t matter. If he doesn’t stress that the Prophet Muhammad (PBUH) lived a polygamous life, and he is our example, his speech lacks meaning. Those two facts are all a Muslim should need to hear to make him or her want to accept polygamy. It’s all about embracing what Allah says. What He says is the Truth and the Reality.

Allah speaks of polygamy in the Holy Quran and limits the number of wives that a man may have to four. He speaks about the wives of the Prophet Muhammad (PBUH), as well. They were the “Mothers of the Believers” He didn’t say, Mothers of Muslims. There is a difference between a Muslim and a Believer.

Muslims who lecture about polygamy talk nonsense instead of talking about why Muslims reject polygamy

It would make more sense for lecturers to speak about what causes women to dislike polygamy so much. Why are they in so much pain and agony when in a polygamous marriage? Why does the mere thought of her husband becoming polygamous cause her undue stress and worry? It’s what the lecturers need to speak about. It’s what I talk about at .

Most Muslims think that all they need to do is look the part and talk the talk. Walking the walk to them is that they, for instance, pray sometimes or eat with the right hand or take the left sock off first or don’t talk while in the bathroom. It is not what belief is about. Belief is about accepting and living the Holy Quran. Maybe one day lecturers will talk about what truly matters.

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Muslims who lecture about polygamy talk nonsense

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  • anabellah

    September 25, 2015

    I don’t get it. People such as the polyamorous people (my understanding is the men are married to two women and the women are married to him and each other), simply live their lifestyle. For instance, WiccanWoman who has posted here at polygamy 411, is a Wiccan in a polyamorous marriage. I don’t bother her about her way of life. I don’t get involved in what Wiccan’s do. To each their own, is my saying.

    I like that they don’t make a big deal about what they are involved in. They just live it. One hears very little about them.

    On the other hand, I look at Muslims in polygamous marriages, and I can’t understand why they just don’t live their religion. They just yap, yap, yap, talk, talk, and talk about polygamy and try to get non-Muslim and Muslims to accept it.

    Why do they feel a need to get the whole world involved in their business? Why do they feel a need to have the world accept that they live polygamy? Why is there so much dialogue about it to people who will never accept it?

    Just do it. It’s not for everyone. Do what you think is right. Just live it. There is no need to try to convenience others to like it. Muslims cause more problems for themselves in trying to get Muslims to accept what is a part of Islam, and wanting non-Muslims to accept it, as well. Just get on with it and live life.

    The polyamorous people have got the right idea. They live what they believe and everyone else could go fly a kite. Muslims seem to just make trouble for themselves.

    I’m sorry; but I just don’t get it. Let’s help one another to live it, not try to convince one another to accept it.

  • anabellah

    August 13, 2015

    As Salaamu Alaikum & Hello All,

    Some may ask, isn’t having this blog a means of convincing people to accept polygamy. I say it is not. It is not because most people who are on this blog and read here are receptive to polygamy. They want to understand polygamy better. They want to know what it is to live it. They want to learn how to live it without the pain and suffering associated with it. They want to accept Allah’s decree. They want to enter Jannah/Paradise. They want to learn more about Islam – our way of life, so they can live it. They don’t need convincing.

    The ones who we don’t allow here are the ones who need convincing. They are not welcome here. They come here to express their dislike for polygamy. I don’t care that they dislike it. They want to waste our valuable time debating it and badmouthing it. We weed those people out and tell them to hit the road. They could take that dialogue elsewhere.

    Polygamy is quite simple. It’s the people and their desires that make it difficult