Must Muslim Women Embrace Polygamy?

must Muslim women embrace polygamy

Must Muslim women embrace polygamy? A wife may know that Allah allows polygamy for men. She still may not embrace it. Rather, some women say a man should stay monogamous, if his wife won’t embrace polygamy.

We know that most women dislike polygamy. They may not have a problem with it for someone else, but they don’t want it for themselves. You best believe that if a man goes along with what his wife thinks and feels about polygamy, he may never marry another.

Nonetheless, a Muslim woman should like polygamy, as it is a part of Islam. Without question, it’s a form of marriage that Allah allows. We know that our Prophet Muhammad (PBUH) was monogamous at one time and was polygamous at another time, as well. Allah may not have decided that all men would be polygamous. Nevertheless, we should still like it.

The Prophet Muhammad (PBUH) is our example. Polygamy was good for him. It was good for his wives (the Mothers of the Believers). Why wouldn’t it be good for women in general? Other women are no better than the “Mothers of the Believers”.

Must Muslim women embrace polygamy, if they are not in a polygamous marriage

It doesn’t matter if a woman is her husband’s only wife or he has more wives than her. It’s important that she embraces polygamy if she has to live it or not.

Allah says we must accept all of His Book – the Holy Quran. We mustn’t just accept some of it. We cannot enter Paradise unless we accept all the Quran. Allah did not say we could pick or choose what we want to believe or not believe in the Quran. He says those who accept only some of the Book are no better than unbelievers.

Must Muslim women embrace polygamy or could they simply bear it

To accept it means to embrace it in a positive way. It means not to have a dislike for it. If a woman dislikes polygamy while she is living it, she hasn’t embraced it. She bears it for whatever reason and she suffers in it.

Women bear polygamy for a number of reasons. One reason is fear of being without a husband. A second reason is for the children. They want their children to have a father who is with them. A fourth reason is financial. The wives need the husbands’ money. A fifth reason is that they don’t want others to look down on them for being divorced. Divorce is considered shameful in some countries. Those are just some of the reasons.

Some women tell the husbands that they don’t want them to live a polygamous life. They ignores what Allah says. They may not fully know or understand what Allah says. If Allah decides polygamy for a man, the wife should not say no. She should not make unlawful what Allah has made lawful.

Must Muslim women embrace polygamy or could they divorce

Allah allows divorce. If the woman doesn’t want to live in a polygamous marriage or thinks she cannot, she has a way out. Divorce is an option, but we must remember that Allah decides all things. At least a woman knows she does not have to stay in a marriage that she is not happy in.

Allah says man may have more than one wife. When a husband comes to his wife about it, it is best that she not get in his way about it. A wife should go with that which Allah decides. He decides when we will marry. He decides who we will marry. Allah wants us to accept what He decides. He wants us to accept it with enthusiasm.

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must Muslim women embrace polygamy



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