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new blog about living polygamyWelcome to our new blog about living polygamy. We’ll answer the questions that people ask the most about polygamy in Islam, and it’s free. Most of the writers who share here have life experience on the topic. We welcome all to join us and share their stories.

This new version of the blog is somewhat different from the earlier edition. We’ve added a special discussion forum for each month. The discussion forum is for questions, answers, meet and greet, and general chats. People still share the most personal, intimate details of their lives about polygamy or marriage in general. They do it all without disclosing who they are. We all continue to learn from one another. One thing we all learn is that we’re not alone.

Why I designed a new blog about living polygamy

In August 2014, some people from this and another blog in cyberspace set out to destroy lives, the lives of my husband, mine and others on this blog. They messed with our information and stole content. They twisted our material around, distorted the facts, and flat-out lied. Allah lets us know that it is what some people do. They lie. Therefore, what those mischievous people have done should not have surprised me. They will try to hurt us. I like the saying from the movie, “The Interview”-“They hate us cuz they ain’t us.”

What happened may not have seemed good at the time, but it was. I have moved away from the incognito and have become internationally known. I have even written a novel, “The Silent Tears of Polygamy” . It is fun getting to know people from all over the planet.

Things happen that bring about a change for the better. Allah doesn’t do anything without a reason or a purpose. I have said before that everything has a life. It has a time and a place. The life of the earlier version of the polygamy 411 blog was over. We can’t re-live the past. However, we can learn from it to have a better present and future. This new blog about living polygamy is super cool.

The New blog about living polygamy still consists of the bright, intelligent, articulate, kind and thoughtful people

I have found many people out there in cyberspace are miserable. Because they are unhappy, they want others to join them. What is good is that I have come to accept that some people have a strong dislike for me. In contrast, it amazes me. It flatters me to know that there are those who care enough about me to have me on their minds and tongues all the time.

Nonetheless, I’m getting used to being the subject of public ridicule. People ridiculed Allah’s Prophets (Peace and blessings of Allah be upon all of them). They treated them harshly. I pray to Allah for the strength to endure ill-treatment the way they did. I am grateful to Allah that He has not given me a burden like that which He placed on those who came before me. Furthermore, I pray that He will not give me a burden more than I have the strength to bear.

There is a wealth of knowledge on this new blog about living polygamy

I intend to write posts that will benefit those who are in need of the information that is rare and not easily found elsewhere. I will write based on what I have learned over the years about Islam.

Use the discussion forum as you see fit. Also, if there is something that you would like me to write about, feel free to reach out to me by way of the Contact Us form. You could write it in the discussion section, as well.

Finally, please be careful with what you share on this or any blog. I will keep your information and identity safe and secure, as best I can; although, I can’t control hateful people in cyberspace, and what they do.

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