Polygamy and Non-Muslim Women

polygamy and non-Muslim women

What is there to know about Muslim men, polygamy and non-Muslim women when their other wives are Muslim? When a husband is polygamous and has one wife who is Muslim and one who is not, he has done himself a huge injustice.

The last article that I wrote was about Muslim men who marry non-Muslim women, and they think Islam condones it. Mistakenly, they think the non-Muslim women are “People of the Book”. Islam does not allow such marriages. In this article, I will discuss a number of reasons Muslim men and women are not to marry non-Muslims. It’s important to know that life has purpose and a meaning. There is a reason for everything.

The problem with polygamy and non-Muslim Women is that they oppose Islam

The problems arise because the men and the women have different lifestyles, which are as different as night and day. A Muslim’s life is similar to the light of day while the non-Muslim’s life is similar to the darkness of night. The two lives compare with good and evil. When evil mixes with good, it all becomes evil.

Polygamy and non-Muslim women married to Muslim men won’t work. It’s because the non-Muslims rarely remember Allah, and Allah only remembers those who remember Him. A Muslim who is aware of the Truth will try very hard to remember Allah much. If he doesn’t, Allah won’t protect him. As a result, the Muslim who marries the non-Muslim will become an unbeliever, if he isn’t one already.

Another thing to know about Polygamy and non-Muslim women is that Allah degrades the unbeliever to the lowest of the low

Let’s take a look at sexual relations. Many non-Muslims take part in all kinds of sexual acts that a Muslim who is a believer would not. The acts are abominable.There are Muslim men who seek non-Muslim women for marriage, specifically so they could do detestable acts with them. Perhaps, they watch porn together. Others film their love-making sessions. Let’s not forget the anal sex that they have.

When their husbands have taken on other wives, some non-Muslim wives will retaliate by having sex with men who are not their husbands. It’s known as “payback sex.” The women think nothing of it. She thinks that if he could do it, she could do it as well. Sadly, she sees it as normal.

When the Muslim husband and his non-Muslim wife have sex, they may behave as animals do. Allah says the unbeliever is worse than a brute beast, as even an animal heeds warnings. Non-Muslims do not heed warnings. They do not know Allah and don’t want to know Him. They don’t believe and, as a result, are deaf, dumb and blind. Basically, they can’t see the Truth, nor can they hear it.

They do acts such as the ones that I described above. It’s all about satisfying their low desires. Instead of worshiping Allah, they worship their lusts. Their desires have become their lord. Furthermore, their souls incline towards dirt, filth and evil. They prefer to have their pleasure here on this earth, as they don’t believe that there is a Hellfire.

It’s important to know about polygamy and non-Muslim women that the men will follow the ways of the non-Muslim

The Muslim man who has more than one wife and one of the wives is a non-Muslim will follow the ways of the non-Muslim wife. If he is Muslim in one household and non-Muslim in another, it is hypocrisy. He will incline towards the non-Muslim’s way. Satan has made the unbelievers’ acts fair seeming to them. They think there is nothing wrong with the sinful things that they do, because simply they can’t see it. Non-Muslims look down on a Muslim who wants to live a clean and pure life and those who are good and decent.

The topic of polygamy and non-Muslim women is a serious one, because Allah tells us not to marry them, as they will lead us astray from the straight path. For instance, a non-Muslim wife will not urge her husband to rise for Fajr (morning) prayer or remind him to offer any prayer, for that matter. She won’t care if her husband eats lawful (Halal) foods or not. I doubt she’d urge him to Fast during the Holy Month of Ramadan, let alone join in the fast. She won’t urge him to give in charity, as she wants all for herself.

She is not Muslim, so why would she do anything  that Muslims do or urge him to do it? He will become like her and live the life of an unbeliever. The non-Muslim wife will raise the children as unbelievers, as well. She can’t raise them as Muslims, because she is not one.

Lastly, with regard to polygamy and non-Muslim women, they could lead the Muslim wife astray

There are some Muslim men who seek relief in the non-Muslim household from having to do what Islam requires of them. Muslims who marry only Muslims, more than likely, will be on the same page. A believer finds pleasure in the worship of Allah. Allah protects the believer from abominations. Out of His Mercy, He protects the believers. Allah loves those who are clean and pure and keep themselves that way.

All of the above is why it is so important that Muslims marry only Muslims. If a Muslim woman has a husband who has a non-Muslim wife, as well, the Muslim wife has to make sure she always keeps her focus on Allah. It’s the only way He will continue to protect her from the lowlife ways of her husband and his non-Muslim wife. She can’t afford to slacken in remembering Allah. She has to constantly seek His protection.

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polygamy and non-muslim women

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  • Marie

    January 13, 2015

    @Ana, I’d agree it would make sense. We know some are created for the fire, so literally made from something different, like bitter, salt water, rather than sweet palatable water. Although we are all made from water and mud/clay.

    Truth does not mix with falsehood

  • anabellah

    January 12, 2015


    I was just thinking. We know Allah created man out of water and dirt (mud) molded onto shape. What do you think about the possibility that He made the believers using the sweet water and the unbelievers using the bitter salt water?

    It is senseless that anyone would believe it’s okay for a Muslim and a non-Muslim to marry with their differences and everything would be okay.

  • anabellah

    January 12, 2015

    @Marie, Wa Alaikum As Salaam

    Alhumdulliah, you did way good in explaining the meanings of the ayat (verses). Thank you for sharing them with us here. Besides Allah having created the two bodies of waters – one salty and one sweet, so they will never physically meet, He created the believers and the non-believer the same way. Unbelievers are like the salt water and the believers are like the sweet water. Allah throughout the Quran tells us that the believers and the unbelievers are not alike. He asks us if we think He would treat the believers the same as the unbelievers? The answer is NO. They are entirely different and their lot is different in this life and the Hereafter. It’s sad that not many people talks about the ayat (verses – SIGNS) from the Holy Quran that are a guide and a mercy.

    Marie, I like that you explained the ayat in terms of Muslims and non-Muslims not being permitted to marry. Anyone who say non-Muslims and Muslims may marry, clearly have never read the Quran or is one of the people Allah has placed a veil between the Quran and him or her so he and she cannot understand the Quran. It is a person whom Allah determined He will not guide.

    Again, there are those who says a Muslim man may marry a Christian or Jewess woman. Those people are self-serving. As in most things, they want men to have the freedom to do whatever they want.

  • Marie

    January 12, 2015

    asalamu alaykum all,

    whilst reading quran, I read a few ayat, which I understood in a different way than I had before. I had only ever heard ayat 53 of surah 25 mentioned when talking about scientific miracles of the quran, so when I read it normally I immediately recall what I had been told about the ayat. today however, I saw something different when I read the following ayat.

    25:53 it is he who has let free the two bodies of flowing water: one palatable and sweet, and the other salt and bitter; yet has he made between them, a partition that is forbidden to be passed.

    25:54 It is he who has created man from water; then He has established relationships of lineage and marriage: for thy lord has power over all things.

    so another instruction I get from this is for Muslims to not marry non Muslims. I don’t think its a coincidence that Allah speaks of two waters that are forbidden to mix, one being sweet and the other bitter and in the very next ayat that He created man from water and has established relationships between them, one being marriage. It seem clear to me that this is one of the lessons we are to learn from reading these two ayat. Muslims are forbidden to marry non Muslims.

    I shared this because I had not read this in the way I did recently, others may have, but it was new to me that theses two particular ayat addresses the subject. although there are other ayat which mention the above.

    I don’t know if iv managed to get my train of thought across, but I did try lol

  • coco

    January 7, 2015

    Gail & Ana
    If I’m not wrong I remember reading one of Jenny’s posts I think her husband was a Afghan/Pathan. If that’s the case than in the north side of Pakistan a simple nikkah is enough they mostly don’t register the marriage with the court. My intended’s entire family didn’t register their marriage. And yes Gail seems right that the cousin was probably taking one for the team as she basically has to go with whatever her husband tells her to go with. Period! It’s also possible she never knew about Jenny being that it’s common for the men to work abroad and come back to make babies every year the woman are accustomed to such a lifestyle, so I don’t see the cousin having major issues unless he told her about Jenny which I honestly doubt. He might have thought he can keep the cousin in peace by claiming he is working hard for the family and he could appease Jenny by claiming he divorced the cousin. As we all know that men follow the much popular hadith that men are allowed to lie to keep a wife happy lol hmmmm! I don’t see how she was hating on the co I just don’t get it that poor girl was leading a loveless life with a husband raising I’m guessing many kids as a single mom what was she doing to harm Jenny? Maybe she was and I’m unaware as I came to the blog when she wasn’t too active. Sounds like she was trying to compete with the cousin by having many kids. I really hope she stopped because having 10-12 kids is not a big deal at all for woman up north given birth control is considered haram. Maybe she was having kids risking her own health for inheritance purposes in the future, I know that the Afghans/Pathans don’t include daughters and upon the father’s passing away the eldest son gets an extra chunk to ease the burden as he is the next patriarch in line. Sometimes not competing at all is the thing to do one has to be careful what they allow to enter in their heart. To me competition in any family especially a polyganous one is poisonous as you can never be her and she can never be you so why disintegrate yourself in the already painful to bear process?

  • Gail

    January 6, 2015

    Here is my take on Jenny.I think she was exactly like me and her husband fed her a line about him divorcing his cousin because he knew it was driving Jenny crazy as Jenny admitted it bothered her but she never told him to divorce her.In Jenny situation she really is the brains in that marriage and the bread winner and in Pakistani culture money is Gold and well lets face it cousin can take one for the team if hubby told her to.Now secondly in Pakistan Coco and Spirited and Shabanah can also tell what they know but as far as I know there is not a such thing as a verbal marriage or verbal divorce.It must be registered either way with court or union council.I think inside Jenny knows her husband is still married with his cousin thats why she stuck with the blog but was against it is my gut feeling.
    See here is the thing I figured out Jenny was fine with the cousin as long as Jenny felt in control I get it I REALLY do because I have the same mentality as Jenny in alot of ways.I want to be in control and make sure everyone is doing what they r suppose to be doing.I have zero tolerance for anyone screwing up.I have gotten better over the years but old habits r hard to break.
    As far as Jenny having kids I was worried about if she died what would happen to her small kids.I don’t know if u remember or not I did ask her and she said her oldest daughter would take the kids.It showed me right there that she has issues with her husband to put her children under her daughter.I guess everyone copes different I really don’t know. U are exactly right not to take tension on other people and their bad ways.They r only hurting themselves in the end.I believe the same way.Life is to short to worry about other people and there nonsense.

  • anabellah

    January 6, 2015


    Jenny’s family may not have kicked her to the curb until she got with the Pakistani/Jewish husband or something else happened that we aren’t aware of. Her little children that she has by him aren’t yet in school. Her older children were from her Previous marriage to a Jew, which is why they went to Jewish schools.

    I simply sensed anger and hatred from her as she wasn’t supportive when it came to polygamy, Islam or sister-hood. It was all about making herself appear superior to everyone here, and trying to rub our faces in what she thought was a better life that she was living. It’s my take on it.

    I’m at fault for falling for the okie doke. I try to do right by people and I cross the boundaries sometimes and do what I’m not supposed to Islamically in trying to accommodate others. I suffer the consequences for it. It’s what happened with Jenny being here on the blog and my dealings with others that I go out of my way for, trying to do good only to get kicked in the @$$. It’s all good. My reward is from Allah.

  • anabellah

    January 6, 2015


    Hey you!

    Insha Allah, I’m going to look and see if there is a way I could add a date to the post/threads. This particular thread was from October.

    There are many people who have a problem with what Allah has decided. I expected to get some heat from people about this post/thread. It’s a post/thread that was very much needed, as not many people speak the Truth as it relates to the Quran. Many Muslims are caught up in a bunch of dos an don’t and don’t get to the meat and potatoes of Islam.

    There was a Muslim sister-in-faith (if we could call her it) who came to the blog and said she was leaving because she didn’t like what I said about unbelievers (non-Muslims). She said her family is non-Muslim and she loves them and they love her. Well, it’s not what Allah says. Allah says we love them and they love us not. He says they will NEVER accept us unless we follow their way. So, she has a problem not with what I said, but with what Allah says. If they love her, she must be following their way. She fought for them here in her reply to me.

  • anabellah

    January 6, 2015


    Speaking about the baby game and competition, I’m aware that it happens, and happens with some who have been here on the blog besides Jenny. I’m not at all surprised it happens, as in the Holy Quran rivalry is mentioned – rivalry with regard to wealth and children etc, especially sons. It’s weird though, as children don’t necessarily keep men in marriages.

    I just thought Jenny was going through an awful lot of trouble trying to have all those children, and already had grown children in college. She was taking her body through an awful lot, quickly.

    She had a lot of hatred and animosity towards the cousin for someone whose husband supposedly divorced the cousin. It’s funny he simply one day comes home and says he divorced the cousin when we know divorce on paper can be done and the individuals could still be married. It’s difficult to prove people who were married Islamically are divorced or even married for that fact.

    She always spoke of how much her husband worshiped her and kissed the ground she walks on. It was as though she was trying to convince herself of it. We know how many Pakistani lie and are expert manipulators.

    One thing I thought about Jenny having all those kids was what would happen if her husband dies. We all have to go sooner or later. She then would be stuck with maybe six half Pakistani kids and many Pakistani people, based on what she said, disliked her. Let’s face it; she wouldn’t be going to Pakistan should he die. She may be stuck all alone here with her possibly six children by now.

    I just think it’s unusual that a Jewess would surround herself with Pakistanis in a Pakistani community unless her people gave her the boot.

    Gail, I’m good now about the people who think they wronged me. They only wronged their own souls. They didn’t harm me. Allah is God and He’s got this. I’ve put everything in Allah’s hands. He protects the Believers. Allah has been way good to my family and me. I thank Him so much. Life is beautiful!!! I’ve learned so much and have grown so much each and everyday. It’s a blessing. Whatever doesn’t kill us makes us stronger 🙂

  • Gail

    January 6, 2015

    U could be right about Jenny not being totally accepted by the Jewish community although her kids went to Jewish schools I really don’t know.I will be totally honest from what Jenny said about her husband on the blog I think he was more into his family and Pakistani kids than she really knew simply because he was about to take her very high priced computer and send it to Pakistan knowing she used that computer knowing she used that computer and it was her personal computer.I didn’t like that he would mistreat Jenny in that way and told her she could buy a new one like it was no big deal.Also he sent alot of Ipads and things that Jenny would come to know after the fact again that did not sit well with me.It is very hard for some woman to say hey my husband emotionally abuses me.They just can’t say it.I think this was some of what was going on with Jenny.
    Also may G.D forgive me I think her having alot of babies when her cup had already run over was another clue something was not right.I think Jenny knew or suspected her husband was still married to Cousin IT.LOL and I kinda get teh feeling this mentally disturbed her so she wanted to have more kids than cousin IT.Why I don’t know but In all honesty when I first got married to hubby it went through my mind for a red hot minute I need to have more kids than excowife with hubby.It is NUTS but if I could think it then why not Jenny is my thinking.Thanks G.D I didn’t actually do it.I am not that competitive.lol
    Last thing I have never ever heard of a husband divorcing his wife and her living with the Inlaws after divorce.Pakistani woman don’t like their mother inlaws as much as I know simply because the MIL reign on them.Maybe I am wrong but from what I have seen and what I have heard logically speaking Cousin IT would have left her kids with hubby or took them and went back to her own family as far as I know.Ok done I said I was not going to comment right now.hahahahha

  • Gail

    January 6, 2015

    I wrote u this really long great post and my computer shut down.That drives me MAD!
    I can’t even begin to sum it all up now as I am so tired but I will try to repost on this in the next few days.U brought great things although I do see things differently.Really fast though Jews believe they r the chosen people because of a duty not out of any pride.They are to be the light/knowledge unto the world.With that come 613 commands/laws upon them.Non Jews have only 7 laws called the Noahide Laws to my knowledge.As far as Jesus he was born Jew lived as Jew and followed all Jewish customs and laws.He knew by him speaking out he was breaking the law.If anyone breaks the law they get punished even in today’s world.I think it is really hard to judge the past today.I have thought long and hard on this topic and according to the Jews he did not fit the one they are waiting on.They were going by Torah so I find it really hard to fault them.Also technically the Jews didn’t kill Jesus the Romans did.If I remember that part of the world was ruled by Rome back then.
    Crucifixion was a Roman Death sentence not a Jewish one.Yet Christians wear a cross like it is the best thing ever.When i started reading and studying I left wearing crosses as I feel why on earth would I want to wear a symbol of Rome.No thanks.lol
    The jews were under alot of pressure from Rome during that time also.
    I want to make something clear in judiasm it is not easy at alllll to sentence a person to death and Jesus does not in any way fit the Jewish death penalty laws.He would have had to have 2 witness warn him beforehand to knock off preaching then Jesus would have had to say he would knock off then the two witness would have to come forward.I mean there is alottt of crap that has to be done.Even Jesus own testimony would not be held against him.Let say Jesus said he would knock off and lied and the Sanhedrin would have found him guilty to death.They never hung a person on a cross they either burned,sleighed,stoning,and strangling.They simply didn’t hang people from crosses that was Roman thing.Even a criminals own confession was not accepted as evidence.My point is the death penalty was rarely used.
    It is even said that a Sanhedrin that puts a man to death once in 7yrs is destructive/not good.Since then Rabi’s have been said to say even once in 70 yrs is destructive/not good.Another said had they been in the Sanhedrin knowone would ever been put to death.It is just not a Jewish desire to put anyone to death.From what I understand it is looked very down on.I could go on but I will stop lol
    As far as Jenny Gosh I don’t Ana if her husbands mother is Jewish that would be Amazing but that is hard to believe because it would seem she would have accepted Jenny but she really didn’t.Did Jenny tell u that his mother was a Jew.There are not many jews in Pakiland to my knowledge although I do think some live in Karachi area from what my hubby told me.U knew Jenny way better than me.I seen her as struggling emotionally.I don’t blame her for bragging because I honestly don’t think she saw it that way.She mentioned she grew up wealthy like a princes so I kinda seen her like how Paris Hilton acts in a way.Of no fault of her own I really don’t think Jenny could relate to poor or working class people in a normal sense and I think that is why when she talked about her life she rubbed people the wrong way.I am really very sorry to know Jenny wronged u in some way because I really grew very fond of her over the years.I never bring her up because I get the feeling she was not honest or good with u or something to that effect and that makes me sad because I always felt like even though Jenny came across hard she was a good person.I just try not to think about Jenny or Kim to be honest.I didn’t know Lah well enough to form any attachment with her but I did with Jenny and Kim.

  • anabellah

    January 5, 2015


    May Allah forgive me if I’m wrong, but I think the only reason Jenny was on this blog is because she was ostracized from the Jewish community. It’s why she lived in the Pakistani section of the city. Her business is there and her employees are Pakistani. Although her husband’s mother is Jewish, something else is going on there with his people in Pakistan and his cousin that he was married to and may still be married to. There was way more to Jenny’s story than meets the eye. She was angry and hate Muslims, but for some reason she has to settle for being amongst them and deal with them as closely as she does.

    Jews are about Jews and you cross over, you’ve got problems.

  • anabellah

    January 5, 2015


    I haven’t read all the comments. I’m just approving them, but yours is short so I’ll comment. The post is one of the first I wrote when I re-opened the blog in September.

    Judaism doesn’t speak of the Prophet Muhammad (PBUH) because Jews believe they are the “chosen ones” till this very day. They believe no on will go to Paradise, but Jews. It explains why they don’t accept Prophet Muhammad (PBUH). They don’t accept Prophet Jesus (PBUH) either.

    How does it makes sense that only Jews will be in Paradise??? You mean to tell me Asian people, black people, Arabs won’t be in Paradise? You mean to tell me Malaysian, Chinese, Indonesian, African, Hawaiian, Australian, Swedish, German, Dutch, Korean, Vietnamese and ALL THE PEOPLE ON THE PLANET won’t be in Jannah – only Jews – and Jews don’t accept reverts as Jewish as they have no Jewish blood in them? Come on. It makes absolutely no sense. Islam doesn’t discriminate. Islam is for all of the people Allah created. All of the prophets in the old testament and Jesus are His prophets. Of course, Judaism doesn’t accept the Prophet Muhammad (PBUH). It doesn’t accept anyone but the Jewish Prophets names in the Torah. It doesn’t accept any of Allah’s other Books – the Gospel revealed to Prophet Jesus or the Quran revealed to Prophet Muhammad (PBUH). Do you really thing Jews will accept you, Gail? You need to think again.

    I wrote this quickly as I was in the middle of getting ready to have a late dinner with the hubs. Forgive me for any errors I made.

  • Gail

    January 5, 2015

    I wanted to say I am not against Islam at all.I am actually pretty cool with it.My only issue really has to do with Judaism because it doesn’t talk about the Prophet Muhammad.I don’t know what to think about that.

  • Gail

    January 5, 2015

    I was meaning to comment on what Cally typed in.I can only speak for myself but I will say this in being honest I never told my husband not to believe in the Quran or really bothered him when it came to his believes but we have had chats about it.I told him straight I don’t believe in Shia’s and Muharram and cutting their backs and I didn’t want my sons doing any of that or beating their chest.I have witnessed it and I see how it brings the Shia nation together and understand it but I don’t want my sons engaging in that sort of thing.We both r guilty of teaching each other on our different beliefs but we have never had a fight about the religions.
    Do I feel it is hard at times when both spouses have different religious faiths?OH YESSSS I sure do.I really have my doubts how much my husband knows about the Quran to be frank other than word of mouth since I have asked him at times details and he don’t seem to know or he thinks it is ok to tell SMALLLLL Lies which to this day I do not get since I am stickler for lying at all.
    I would say in all sincerity my husband is a better person for meeting and marrying me.Have I been easy to live with no but I have always done my best to stand beside him although sometimes that may mean with an AX beside him.lol
    I know all the crap he did before we were married and even after so I never question if I was good or bad influence on him I know without a doubt I have been a very good moral influence.
    Now lets flip the switch I do feel personally like he has tried my every moral patience and then some BUT even though he has dragged me through so much immoral crap I have done my duty as a wife and I have not been lifted up in places where I believe I needed help as a wife.Like in the patience area of our lives.My husband has alot of patience which I need so badly and am working on.
    Overhaul I would say my moral compass because of my belief on G.D has sustained me throughout this marriage.
    I don’t want to make my husband sound horrible because he is not.He just kinda blows my mind sometimes.

  • Aisha

    January 5, 2015

    Wow it’s kinda hot in here…..can’t say much but Ana you are so correct, what good does it do when we all sit around and complain about polygamy and how bad men are! Come on we need to get the hell up and do something about about it

  • anabellah

    January 4, 2015


    The post was based on what is in the Holy Quran and what Allah says about unbelievers. There are some Muslims who are unbelievers as well. I don’t make this stuff up. You don’t have a problem with what I said. You have a problem with Allah who is God. What more can I say?

  • cally

    January 4, 2015

    pretty rude account of non muslims ,referring to them as animals and the enemy pretty hateful stuff

  • anabellah

    October 3, 2014

    Ooops, I went to make a correction to a comment I made earlier. I went to preview the comment. A different comment popped up. I had to put that comment back where it belongs. The comment I went to make the correction to disappeared. Oh, I guess it was a sign the comment shouldn’t exist Everything happens for a reason. The comment maybe is someplace; I just can’t find it.

  • anabellah

    October 3, 2014


    You must be totally new to this blog and haven’t been here the last 5 1/2 years. I say it because you don’t have a clue what you’re talking about with regard to me and what I know of polygamy.

    I don’t ask anyone to answer to me. I speak of what I know about Islam from what Allah speaks of in the Holy Quran. Some want to classify me as a particular type of Muslim, so be it. Allah tells me not to associate myself with any sect and I don’t identify myself with any sect, as I try to obey Allah. It’s unfortunate that you don’t like the tone of my posts. It’s how I write and I intend to continue to write as I’m inspired based on the TRUTH.

    I sympathize and empathize with those who live polygamous lives, which is a reason this blog exists. I have a passion for this subject. It’s why I take the time to write and manage a blog this blog. No woman is going to find help in people who sit back and complain about how bad men are and how bad polygamy is and don’t do anything to rectify the problem, except complain about it. What good is it to complain about how bad something is, if you don’t make an effort to find a solution and make a change?

    You said I have a fear of polygamy; you make me friggin laugh. I am an advocate of polygamy, as Allah has permitted it for men, which means there will be women who are married to these polygamous men. Do you not know there are thousands of men living polygamy in the United States? They don’t hide it, as they have no need to. They have private contracts between husbands and wives that do not interfere with any laws of the land. Men and women live polygamous marriages in the United States openly, and are not bothered by anyone, not law enforcement, the State, or any agency. My husband can marry another woman and there is no law in the United States that will interfere with him living it unless he married another, lost his mind and goes register another marriage with the State along with his current legal Marriage Certificate to me. It would be bigamy. It’s the only law that the United States has – a man cannot have more than one legally registered marriage. He could contract as many marriages that he wants with other women as long as he doesn’t register them in an effort to make them legal. The only thing is those private documents aren’t enforceable in a court of law.

    About the jealousy women speak of – No. Getting rid of polygamy won’t change the feeling of jealousy that women have. Jealousy is an ugly, base emotion that women need to recognize and deal with. The only way she will deal with it effectively is if she understands the root of it, why it exists, and take the proper measures to subjugate it. No one is to blame for the feeling of jealousy a woman has, but herself. No man is responsible for the emotions a woman feels in her heart.

    No, I don’t consider that polygamy is wrong because POLYGAMY IS RIGHT. I don’t contradict my Lord, Allah who is God. I don’t know better than Allah and neither do you. Allah permits polygamy for men and if the man lives it, it is because Allah ordained it. He decreed it. I try my best not to oppose my God, Allah.

    If anyone need to get real, it’s you. I am as real as real can get. Your problem is not with me. Your problem is with your Lord, whoever and whatever it is, it doesn’t seem to be Allah.

  • Lubneh

    October 3, 2014

    Your posts are becoming quite nefarious. Please tone it down. No one answers to you. Everyone answers to God For someone who has not experienced the Polygamous husband you show no empathy for those of us who have them. There is no way you can begin to understand the situation in another person’s life. Perhaps when you read through our posts you can get a small amount of insight to help you overcome your fear of Polygamy. If you live in America you are protected by law from the issues some of us actually have to deal with in our lives. You will never deal with this topic in actual life while you are protected in America; lucky for you. You will never need to deal with the “other woman” as long as you sit on American soil. Your husband cannot marry another woman, your feelings are protected by an American law. Please get off your high horse and live in the real world.

    Perhaps things do really change; perhaps you need to see what the jealousy is all about that women experience whether in polygamous relationship or not. It’s healthy. Did you ever consider that perhaps Polygamy is wrong? Be the devil’s advocate and step inside a shoe of a women who tries to deal with it.
    For myself, Polygamy is way for men to have total control…over what they cannot control…their penises. It is a custom, not a truth for Allah to quell their inner uncontrollable lust, and make it “holy”. Wow men in America will love it! Then they won’t have to deal with their mistresses. Most men, whether the are Islamic or Christian, or even Devil Satanists, have a hard time with this issue of their own sexuality: most men act like pigs, they love sex and can’t control themselves, married to many wives, married to only one, or not married at all. Many monogamous people “cheat” on their wives and husbands. Don’t forget women too can be sexually sinning and make choices outside of what is “holy”. I see Allah gives the woman no compensation for this, as he only offers the choice to a man. C’mon Ana, get real. Stop the judgement phrases. Women are jealous for a reason and it is not a bad. Not that you would ever have to now, or need to know; you are an American Muslim.