Polygamy Could Help a Wife to Focus

polygamy could help a wife to focus

Polygamy could help a wife to focus on Allah. Some ask, how? It’s not easy to explain about polygamy in Islam in a few paragraphs, especially when it comes to focusing on Allah. Every Muslim probably thinks that he or she focuses on Him.

If a wife’s focus is on Allah, He would be on her mind every second of the day. He’d be on her mind even while she does chores and goes about her normal routine. A point often overlooked is that if her husband or the co-wife is on her mind, Allah is not. It’s that simple.

Polygamy could help a wife to focus on Allah, which is a must, if she wants the pain to go away

The pain that a wife feels when she is in a polygamous marriage will only go away if she remembers Allah. Think about it. When a person is in pain the first thing a Muslim tells her to do is say, “From Allah we come and to Allah we return.” The pain should go away. Why is it?  First of all, Allah says remembrance of Him is the greatest thing in life without doubt. It must be remembered that Allah only remembers those who remembers Him.

Furthermore, Allah tells us to commemorate the stories of His Prophets in the Holy Quran. In particular, the stories are for us to learn from and to mend our lives by. In one story, Allah tells Prophet Moses (PBUH) and his brother Aaron (also a Prophet – PBUH) to go to Pharoah with His signs. They were to go there to free the Children of Israel. Allah instructed the two Prophets not to slacken in remembering Him. It shows how important it is that we remember Allah always.

Polygamy could help a wife to focus on Allah, which is part of her worship of Him

Polygamy could help a wife to focus on Allah to become a Believer. Allah loves the Believers. He protects them. Additionally, he relieves them of their pain and suffering. A Believer tries to do everything that Allah says, and believes everything He tells us.

Allah doesn’t like for us to give Him part-time worship. There is much more that He says other than to remember Him. For instance, we must submit to His will. We must believe that He places us in the situations that we are in. It includes a polygamous marriage. Another key point is that nothing happens without His permission.

Polygamy could help a wife to focus on Allah and to accept His decisions

We must accept whatever we are in, because Allah knows what is best for us. It’s all about belief. What I have mentioned is only some of what we should believe. It is to believe that the only reason we are here on this planet is to serve Allah. If polygamy helps a wife to focus on Allah, then polygamy is good.

Polygamy could help a wife to focus on Allah and on what is most important. It’s what she must do, if she wants to feel better. If a wife spends much time thinking and worrying about her husband and polygamy, she falls short in worship of Allah. To believe and serve Allah takes a lot of work. It doesn’t happen overnight. The problem we face is time. We are running out of it. We don’t know when Allah will take back our souls.

Allah will relieve a Believer of her pain, eventually, as He promises that He will. Each of us must do our part to reap rewards from Allah. People want instant relief from pain and suffering. Every trial has a time frame. Allah decides when He’ll give someone relief from the pain and suffering. The person will continue in it until then.

In conclusion, Allah says seek His help with patient perseverance and prayer. He said it is difficult except for those who are humbly submissive to Him.

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polygamy could help a wife to focus

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