Things you need to know about polygamy in Islam

Things you need to know about polygamy in Islam is what this article is about. Many people know very little about polygamy in Islam. But there is one thing that they seem to know, and it’s that a man may have four wives at the same time.

When a man has more than one wife, his marriage is polygamous. The number of wives a man may have must not exceed four at a time. When he has one wife, he’s monogamous. Allah has allowed both polygamous and monogamous marriages. Both are lawful in the sight of Allah. Islam is a religion for all people. Therefore, polygamy is not only for Muslim men, but it’s for all men.

In Polygamy in Islam there is no need to argue about the words

“Polygamy” is marriage of a male or a female with more than one spouse at the same time. One person from one gender marries several persons from another gender at the same time. It includes a woman who has more than one husband at the same time. Then there’s “Polygyny.”  Polygyny is marriage of one man with more than one wife at the same time. It’s more specific.

Polygamy or polygyny is just a play with words. First of all, a Muslim knows what polygamy is with reference to Islam. I doubt anyone has ever heard of a Muslim woman having more than one husband at a time.

More of the things you need to know about polygamy in Islam is that dealing justly matters. Most notably, Allah commands us to deal justly in all matters, not only in polygamy. Polygamy in Islam expects a man to deal justly with his wives in all matters within his means. Especially, it’s important that the husband deals justly in matters of maintenance. The husband should divide the time that he spends between his wives equally, especially his nights. A man doesn’t have to love all of his wives the same. It’s because Allah controls the heart of man (mankind). He places love in the heart of man.

Of the things you need to know about polygamy in Islam, another is that polygamy didn’t begin with Islam

Islam didn’t create polygamy. First of all, before the spread of Islam, men were polygamous in different parts of the world. They lived polygamy in diverse cultures. Jews, Christians, Buddhist, Arabs and maybe others lived polygamy. Islam only organized polygamy and restricted it to four wives under strict rules of justice.

There were, there are and there will be people who misuse what Allah has given them. In those cases, it’s wrong to blame the authority or the giver. The man who uses in the wrong way what Allah has given him carries the blame. The man who abuses polygamy will have to account to Allah for the misuse, as he will for all things that he does.

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things you need to know about polygamy in Islam