Information about polygamy This article will offer some important information about polygamy in Islam. Basically, I will give a brief summary of some of the reasons that men have given for living the lifestyle.

  • First, there are many wars between tribes and nations. Needless to say, many men die in battle and as a result, it leaves an excess of women to men. Hence, polygamy is a means to take care of the women.
  • Polygamy helps widows, orphans, and any woman who is left without supporters or husbands.
  • Some believe polygamy heals the wounded heart of a woman whose husband has died in battle.
  • Furthermore, men take on more than one wife to increase the birthrate. In tribal areas, the tribes try to increase the number of members that it has.
  • undoubtedly, polygamy helps those women who are helpless and poor. Such marriages give those women a means of livelihood and protection.
  • At one time it was gallant of men to marry as many women as they could support.
  • Some considered it a huge dishonor on a family and the entire tribe, if a woman did not marry or she married below her social status. Eligible girls who were old enough to marry had many offers. The men competed with each other in tempting them with jewelry and property as dower.
  • Additionally, polygamy helps in some cases where a wife is chronically ill, incapacitated, or unable to bear children. Other wives help by bearing children in that respect.

Important information about polygamy is that it is not obsolete

  • Wars still leave women widowed and children without fathers.
  • It is important to note that there are many unmarried single women who long for marriage.
  • Think about it. Many women dream of marriage. It does not matter if she is a physician, an educator, or an attorney. Her success does not  matter. Particularly, a woman (not all women), would like to have a family of her own to share with a good man, who is the father of her children.
  • Furthermore, some women can’t bear children. Therefore, a husband may have a need for another wife to have children for him.
  • Most importantly, Allah made polygamy lawful. Allah speaks of polygamy in the Holy Quran, and the Quran is for all of man (men and women). It’s for all times, which means that it was not just for yesterday or for today, but is for tomorrow, as well.

With regard to important information about polygamy, I would be neglectful not to mention that it is not an easy lifestyle to live. I feel safe in saying that it is probably a challenge for anyone who lives it. For that matter, neither polygamy, or monogamy is easy to live. and it seems the divorce rates show it.

Notably, not all polygamous marriages are the same, just as monogamous marriages are not all the same. All marriages are different and the parties to them have their share of trials and tribulations.

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