Practical Book About Polygamy by a Muslim

practical book about polygamy by a MuslimThere was a need for a practical book about polygamy by a Muslim; therefore, I wrote one. It’s “The Silent Tears of Polygamy.” The book gives an inside look at what a polygamous marriage was like for a Muslim American female in the US.

We often hear and read about polygamy as lived by Mormons but not so much about it as lived by Muslims. More so, we read, see and hear about it in theory. Many have made video and audio material and have written mainly about it in principle only.

It shouldn’t surprise anyone that the lifestyle is not an easy one to live. With that said, women who are in polygamous marriages need everyday information to help them along the way. They need it to help them to live healthy, wholesome and happy lives.

The good news is that “The Silent Tears of Polygamy,” by Robin Johnson, includes invaluable information that will help both women and men. It will help them to know that they are not alone. They have a lot in common. Of course, it goes without saying, “The Silent Tears of Polygamy” is a good read, as well.

It’s important to note that not only Muslim women live Islamic polygamy. Some non-Muslim women in the US live it, as well. Usually it’s when they marry Muslim men. For this reason, the non-Muslim woman who has a Muslim husband should know that he may one day marry again while married to her. Being that Islam allows polygamy for men, they don’t need their wives’ consent. It’s because Allah has already given it.

On a whole, the novel is an awesome practical book about polygamy by a Muslim

A point often overlooked is that polygamy as lived by Muslims is quite different from that as lived by Mormons. Of course there are commonalities and similarities, as well. The emotional, psychological, and physical effects of it on the women are similar. The differences have to do with the structural setup of it and with faith.

The author tells of a woman’s struggle to accept what was her fate.The based on a true story fictional novel is realistic. For one thing, it captures the devastation that a woman feels when engaged in a marriage that she did not want. The emotional, psychological and physical pain is like none other. Emphatically speaking, the pain is excruciating. It is real. A woman has to live it to know the depth of it. It’s deep.

Without a doubt, this down-to-earth practical book about polygamy by a Muslim will take the readers on a fascinating journey. They’ll travel in time with a Muslim wife in her life in a polygamous marriage. Needless to say, her story will help others. Not only will it help a man or a woman to have an easier time in a polygamous marriage, but it will also help them to find the joy in it.

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practical book about polygamy by a Muslim

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  • anabellah

    June 15, 2017


    Thanks for letting Marah S know your thoughts about the book and for saying such nice things about it. I appreciate it much! 🙂

    Marah S,

    I’m happy that, Insha Allah, you’ll read the book soon. You asked how long it took for me to write it. It took me approximately six months of working on it from the time I got up in the morning till I went to sleep. Working on it was practically all that I did. I got soooooo tired of proofing it, reading it and re-reading it over and over again. It was an extremely emotional experience for me. To this day, I can’t bring myself to read it, yet one more time. I don’t know how authors who write many books do it. I doubt I’ll eeeeeeever write another one again LOL It would be the death of me… LOL

    Many say it’s a wonderful accomplishment, and I should be proud. Many have said it about my achievements in life, but I don’t see it as they do. I suppose it’s because even when I didn’t know as I do now that Allah does everything, I had the feeling I wasn’t the one doing what was getting done. It’s weird, now that I think about.

    Nonetheless, Insha Allah, you’ll enjoy reading the book. Thank you much for your kind words.

  • Rosa

    June 15, 2017

    Marah S, Ana’s book is awesome. I literally read it in a day. I couldn’t put it down. I was just thinking the other day I should read it again. So many life lessons lies therein

  • Marah S

    June 15, 2017


    I’m getting ready to start reading your book. I was wondering how long it took you to write it? I’ve always admired novelist, what a great accomplishment to write and publish an entire book!

  • Mena

    November 15, 2016

    I was one of the readers of polyagmy 411 when we were first introduced to Ana, Alec and carolyn. Her story captivated me, I couldn’t believe that there was a woman out there going thorugh the same feelings and thoughts as me. I wasnt alone, I wasnt a ‘bad muslim’ for feeling sad and cry……constantly. I felt ‘normal’ (whatever that is). I followed Ana, Alex and carolyns story as they lived it. But, I still had unanswered questions. The characters depicted lived out their ‘blog life’ and we heard no more of them. Still, I wanted to know if Ana had the same worldy pick me ups as I did. I was left wondering. 

    Then came ‘The silent tears of ploygamy’ They were back. I was eager and excited to know what was left out of the blog story and would be included in the book. I wasnt disappointed. Not only did Robin manage to word feelings in ways in never could, she managed to show the secrets of the little box all first wives keep closed up inside their heads. Its difficult not to feel better than an additional wife, because, as Ana put it, they couldn’t find their own husband. No, thay went out and tried to make a carbon copy of someone else’s life. Robin, so perfectly decribe how an additional wife wants EXACTLY the same as the first, she was right, they lack “Originality”, poor thangs. I will leave the other secrets up to future readers. Any woman who is a first wife will recognise the thoughts and feelings and any additional wife will see what we think of them, at some point in our polygamous journeys. I am so happy to have the answers to my questions. 

    Although I enjoyed the book, I was still left with a sense of sadness, but not for my own situation only. In the book we find that carolyns conversion to Islam was questionable, to Ana and maybe the reader too. Carolyns behaviour would be expected, if indeed she was a non muslim. Some of our husbands marry women who act in alarmingly similar ways to Carolyn. Thats what makes me sad. A new or even non Muslim is behaving in the same way as a Muslim woman. Maybe its something that additional wives could learn from when reading the book. Dont act like carolyn, a woman with questionable intentions and beliefs. 

    Id like to thank Robin for taking the time to write ‘The silent tears of polygamy’ for giving us the answers to the questions. For putting Ana back out there and letting us see the once hidden contents of her ‘silent pain of polygamy’ 

  • anabellah

    September 25, 2016

    I wrote the post/thread mainly for those in cyberspace who aren’t aware of the book yet.