protect bloggers information in cyberspace

Is your privacy protected on a blog? It is super important to protect bloggers information in cyberspace. Especially, the owner and manager of a blog has a duty and obligation to protect it. Especially being that many people blog and leave comments on websites and they do it using fictitious names.

On some blogs, such as polygamy 411, people comment and write about the most intimate details of their lives. As expected, they think they could do so, as they blog anonymously. It’s all about opening up and sharing. Needless to say, all should blog and feel secure about it.

Someone shouldn’t come along and try to piece the puzzle together to find out who someone really is. Blogging isn’t about someone playing a detective. It’s not about trying to imitate a TV character such as: Sherlock Holmes or Columbo or Kojak. Who does that? What kind of person is she or he? Some evil people have been known to do it. They do it so they could find out who the person is to post the information for the world to see.

To protect bloggers information in cyberspace, the blogger should check out the blog that he or she visits

To protect bloggers information the blogger should check out the blog that he or she visits before leaving a comment on the blog. For instance, see if the manager has abused a person’s privacy. For example, did the manager post the person’s personal data such as an email on the blog for all in cyberspace to see. Most importantly, did the manager post the person’s real name or where the person lives or where the person works, knowing the person blogs with an alias or anonymously?

Furthermore, did the manager spitefully, with hatred and planning expose a person, knowing the person would not want the facts known?  If someone blogs with a made up name, it lets one know the person does not want the real name known. Additionally, did the manager let someone else on her blog do it? It is just as bad or worse, because the manager approved it.

If you see that sort of material on a blog, it tells you not to trust the manager of the blog. It is not safe for you to blog there. If she finds such data about you or someone gives it to her, there is a very good chance she would post it, as well. Why wouldn’t she? You should not feel safe on that blog.

To protect bloggers information see if the manager of the blog that you visit is aware of what is right and wrong? All should know there is a lot of news out there about privacy and invading it online. It is serious. Internet privacy is of global interest. A blog manager who does not protect bloggers information is not in the know.

The manager of a blog should protect bloggers information in cyberspace and the privacy of other

To protect bloggers information in cyberspace, a manager of a blog should not post the real identity of anyone who blogs anywhere anonymously or uses a stage name. First of all, it is right blog protocol. Furthermore, it goes without saying. Anyone who leaks stuff like it is way low. She is a very disgraceful and wicked person, and that’s putting it mildly. Those who do it never would want it done to them, but have no problem doing it to others. It’s way sad.

If someone finds oneself at a blog such as it, the person should click out of it. The person should click out and run. Run like her or his shoes are on fire. All who blogs anonymously or with an alias deserve a right to privacy. You have a right to protection. No one should try to use comments of a secret blogger to learn who the person really is. It is so not what blogging is about. The person who does it has got it so twisted.

In conclusion, all could feel safe that the manager and owner of polygamy 411 will do everything she can to protect bloggers information.  You are safe here.

protect bloggers information in cyberspace

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