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Q & A The Silent Tears of Polygamy

Frequently Asked Questions:

What inspired you to write “The Silent Tears of Polygamy?
Owning an administrating the polygamy 411 blog for many years made me realize there was a need for a novel that addresses the trials and tribulations that a woman faces when she is in a polygamous marriage. The typical information available about polygamy speaks of polygamy in theory. It’s not practical information that helps women to live in a polygamous marriage. For instance, It doesn’t address a woman’s emotional, psychological and physical state.

Who do you think will benefit from reading “The Silent Tears of Polygamy”?
Men and women, Muslim or not, would benefit. There are non-Muslim women who marry Muslim men. They need to know about polygamy. There’s a possibility that they may live the lifestyle the same as Muslim women. God allows men, and not just Muslim men, to have more than one wife.

How would the novel benefit others?
Muslims and non-Muslims would learn what to expect if they were to become a part of a polygamous marriage. It would give them a glimpse of the lifestyle. There’s a lot of talk about Mormon polygamy but not as much about polygamy as lived by Muslims.

What does “The Silent Tears of Polygamy” offer that other books on the topic probably don’t?

“The Silent Tears of Polygamy” gives a realistic view of a polygamous marriage based on Islamic polygamy, which we don’t hear much about. “The Silent Tears of Polygamy” doesn’t offer an idealistic idea. It delves into truths.

Why do you use the name “God” in the novel and not “Allah”?
People who aren’t Muslim don’t understand the terminology. Allah is simply the Arabic word for God-the One and Only God, but some seem to think the name “Allah” refers to a foreign god. To avoid confusion, I used the word “God” in the novel because there is a universal understanding of the name.

Why do you use pictures of Caucasian women on the Polygamy 411 blog and support group, and on the cover of the novel?
I did it to avoid prejudices and bias. I want the book to reach a range of readers, not limited to Muslims, nor a certain image of Muslims. If, for instance, I was to use pictures of typical hijab wearing Muslim women or African-American Muslim women, it may alienate some readers. When it comes to readers, I wanted an all-inclusive novel. Muslims are African-Americans; Caucasians; Asians; Arabs and all nationalities.

What do you hope the readers will take with them once they’ve complete the novel?
I’m hopeful that women who read the novel will have a better understanding of themselves and of polygamy. I want them to learn that they aren’t alone and that to live in a polygamous marriage is potentially beautiful. There is a reason for all that we go through in life.

Do you intend to write another book on the topic of polygamy?

As it stands now, I don’t think I will. I think I covered all bases in “The Silent Tears of Polygamy” that are pertinent. Anything more would be preaching and instructional.

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Q & A the silent tears of polygamy

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