rules 4 commentatorsRules 4 commentators of polygamy 411

Rules 4 commentators of polygamy 411 are quite simple. They are as follows:

  • No attacking fellow bloggers. Please respect one another.
  • Avoid CRUDE profanity  (we allow symbols).
  • Links added to a post are subject to the administrator’s approval.
  • No free advertising, nor advertising for other websites. The administrator may remove any links to other websites.
  • What happens on other blogs or forums should stay on other blogs or forums. We make an EFFORT not discuss other blogs or forums here. Furthermore, we do not critique other forums or blogs.
  • Polygamy 411 is not a” meet and greet” service. Hence, the exchange of email addresses will not take place here. All discussions should take place on the blog, which is the purpose of the blog.
  • The language of the blog is ENGLISH. It is okay to use the common Arabic words that are well-known to most people, words such as: Insha Allah, Masha Allah, Alhumdulliah etc. Please don’t talk among yourself in another language.
  • We do not allow anyone to post information that will possibly lead to the true identity of anyone mentioned on this blog. All should blog without worry of their identity being posted.

Rules 4 commentators of polygamy 411 are to give order and structure to the blog

This is a professional blog. With that said, we blog with pride and dignity here.

There is a“contact us” form for anything that you want the administrator (Ana) to receive, but do not want posted on the blog.  Please note: The administrator (Ana) is the only one who receives the mail from the “contact us” form.

Note Well: The administrator of polygamy 411 has the right to temporarily or permanently ban anyone from the blog whom she sees fit. Additionally, the administrator will permanently ban anyone who slanders Allah or Islam or any of Allah’s Prophets.

In conclusion, thank you for joining us.

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