Should a Wife Trust Her Husband

Should I trust my husbandShould a wife trust her husband, just because he is her husband? I wonder how many men have bamboozled their wives while the wives trusted them.

We hear all so often that spouses should trust each other. How many times have we heard a wife say to her husband, something to the effect of,  “I trusted you, and you went and took on another wife. I can’t trust you anymore. How could I ever trust you again?”  Men have been known to have trust issues, as well. Wouldn’t it be nice and easy, if a wife could trust her husband without any room for doubt?

A wife could save herself a lot of trouble, if she places her trust in Allah. He is the only One who we can trust 100%. Allah doesn’t say trust a spouse, just because you are husband and wife.

We all have flaws and faults. No one is perfect but Allah. Husbands and wives will err. Some will outright and intentionally deceive the other. Not trusting someone doesn’t mean that one should always be suspicious, though; as some suspicion is a sin.

If one puts her faith and trust in Allah, He will protect her. He will rightly guide her. First, she needs to know what Allah tells us in the Quran, to know what to do, to not do and what to believe.

Should a wife trust her husband less when he has more than one wife?

Of course when a husband has more than one wife, he is responsible for all of them. He should show them kindness and deal justly with them. He needs to support them. It is the ideal that he should try to live up to.

Nonetheless, conflict will arise at times. Let’s compare it to an attorney/client situation. Usually, an attorney is not allowed to represent more than one person accused in the same case. It’s because conflict may arise. It’s no different from a husband who represents his wives. He may lean towards one at the price of the other.

It is why it’s important that a wife look into matters thoroughly and investigate situations that concern her. She should not rely only on what her husband tells her. Out of love, some women go along with whatever their husbands say. They believe that their husbands truly have their best interest at heart.

Should a wife trust her husband in the following situation:

The husband is polygamous and his one wife has a legal Marriage License/Certificate. His other wife, who lives in another country, doesn’t have one. It’s because it is illegal to have two licenses.

He tells his one wife that he wants her to agree to a civil divorce, but keep the Islamic marriage intact. It’s because the other wife needs the license, so she could come to the country that he lives in.

The husband tells the wife who is about to give up the license that she should trust him on it. He tells her that he will do right by her, and she won’t want for anything.

What would the outcome be? Only Allah knows. Once you have decided a thing, put your faith and trust in Allah about it.

Should a wife trust her husband and believe all that he says?

No one should blindly follow another. Allah is the only One whom we should follow without question.

Especially, it is important that we are prudent. We should act wisely and Investigate. Don’t make rash decisions. Definitely don’t act based on emotions. One needs sound judgement. Last but not least, be leery of one who asks you to trust him.

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should a wife trust her husband

should a wife trust her husband

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  • Saira

    October 31, 2017

    Wa alaykum Salam sister Ana
    I agree with you it makes me mentally tired to figure out if I being told it’s lie or just truth when I know it’s lie but when I ask details for certain things I will get told some lies are allowed in Islam to not make some one hurt
    I don’t get lie is still a lie
    Some time these small lies takes your trust from one and another
    Only one to believe is Allah alone

  • anabellah

    October 30, 2017

    Saira, As Salaamu Alaikum Sister

    I just realized that I didn’t reply to the post that you wrote here. I was so busy responding on the other posts/threads LOL

    It’s good you don’t get all into what your husband says anymore. It exhausts one to try to figure out whether one is lying or telling the truth. Just go with the flow, and keep reminding yourself that only Allah can be trusted 100%

    Most stuff people lie about isn’t worth the time or trouble it takes to lie about it, nor for the person to worry when catching another in a lie. What does it all mean or matter anyhow

    Allah sees and knows all things. It’s what matters. We all account to Him.

  • Saira

    October 25, 2017

    Salam sister
    I am very tired I AlwYs read and reply when I get chance but I rather skip every thing and write something
    It’s another great topic and post
    I don’t know about others but I love my husband so much but I don’t trust him
    Many times he said things I didn’t said any comments but untill something come out clear I don’t belive what he said it’s all true
    It’s not even being polygamy situation
    But my husband does lies I catch him many times not telling him that I know truth but I choose to carry on like that and put trust in Allah
    Before my daughter born last year we had mahout fight where he was eger to divorce me only bcoz I was pregnant and he lied to me and didn’t gave me any time when he promised but he took anger out on me and wanted to divorce me
    He hear every one and make comment from others talk about me or co and in split second he relies he done wrong and apologise to me
    This time am pregnant so far Alhamdulih he not fight at all so far except one day
    But the point is I don’t trust him even he comes and fight my mind knows what I had thought about my and kids future so
    This thing gives me patience
    I overly don’t belive him in many things but sometime I prove wrong too
    But I AlwYs stay silent and he catch me when I don’t like something
    He tried hard to make me belive him that he only loved me but I always made him that it’s good he only loves me but I don’t need to know
    You have other wife you must be saying same to her and he gets hurt and fight vd me
    But I been trying to stop him for over sharing his personal things to me
    Many people says he love me so much
    But my heart don’t like to hear that
    Now when he says something how he loved me and all I start feeding baby and he change topic
    He said he is so angry when I do that. But I have to do to make my self in peace