Some Muslims Oppose Polygamy

some muslims oppose polygamy

 Some Muslims oppose polygamy for many reasons. Some say polygamy is not an acceptable form of marriage for Muslims living in this era. I think most of the reasons that they give are excuses. For the most part, many do not like polygamy. People are known to try to stop what they do not like.

I touched on the subject in previous articles about why some Muslims oppose Polygamy. For instance, some say Muslims violate the laws of the land. It’s a quite common reason that is often given. Often, men become polygamous in countries where polygamy is not lawful. Furthermore, some Muslims oppose polygamy by saying a man can only be “just” to one wife. They say monogamy is better since a man cannot be just to more than one. In the first place, they don’t understand the ayah (verse) in the Holy Quran about justice and polygamy.

Some Muslims oppose polygamy by saying things have changed and we no longer need polygamy

Muslims say there were wars when the Prophet Muhammad (PBUH) was on the earth. They say it is why they needed polygamy then. Wars left widows and orphans. This one confuses me the most.  A person only need to read the newspaper or news online or watch news on TV to know war is real. Evidently, war is happening today. To say there are no wars today makes no sense. The person who says it is not aware of world events.

Some Muslims oppose polygamy by saying men don’t marry divorced or widowed women

Many Muslims say men who want more than one wife should marry divorced women; widowed women; older women or single women who have children. Who says those are the type of women that those men must marry? From what I understand, the Prophet Muhammad (PBUH) did not only marry older women, widowed women or divorced women. Some were younger and had never been married. He married a virgin, as well. A point often overlooked is that Allah, in the Holy Quran, tells us to marry the single or virtuous ones among us.

There are Muslims who believe that men who want a second wife should marry from that select group. It’s sound to me that the group consists of women whom some thinks no one wants. Why would she want her husband to marry someone who no one wants? On the contrary, those women are perfectly fine women to wed.

When a woman doesn’t like the other woman who her husband intends to marry or has married, she comes up with reasons to dislike the woman. Specifically, she tells him that the other woman is the wrong one for him.  She says he should have married a widowed woman, a divorced woman, or a single parent. Why can’t he marry someone whom he wants and is compatible with?

Some Muslims oppose polygamy due to wrong beliefs

Some Muslims oppose polygamy by saying a man should only have more than one wife, if he is rich.  What happen if a wealthy man marries four women and then Allah takes all of his wealth away? A polygamous marriage is not only for the rich. Allah tells us that He provides. Allah provides for each and every one of us. It doesn’t matter if we are Muslim or non-Muslim. He provides out of His Mercy.

Another reason given that some Muslims oppose polygamy is that the man must please his first wife in every way. He must please her emotionally, physically, psychologically, sexually, and financially. That one shocked me. For a man to do all that, he needs the rank of “superman”. We know “superman” is not real. Someone must have made up that reason to try to stop a man from becoming polygamous. A man who is all those things is a perfect man, and there is no perfect man.

Some Muslims oppose polygamy when they say no man is like the Prophet Muhammad (PBUH). They are correct, but he still needs to want it and make an effort. We should try to follow the Prophet Muhammad’s (PBUH), as he is our example.

A valid reason  some Muslims oppose polygamy is when a man wants to marry for lust

A man is wrong when he marries a woman for lust.  Allah says do not marry for lust.

Those are just some of the wrong reasons Muslims oppose polygamy. I’m sure I missed some, but you should have a better understanding now.

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some muslims oppose polygamysuperman, he is not…

some Muslims oppose polygamy

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