Some Polygamous Men Marry for Lust

Some Polygamous Men Marry for LustSome polygamous men marry for lust, which we should not do. Marrying for lust is wrong. Let us explore about the subject a bit, as it is not easy to understand.

A learned man once said something very profound to me about lust and desires. He said to speak of lust and desires as they relate to the Quran is like trying to teach geometry or trigonometry to someone who has just begun to learn basic math. Now, I understand clearly what he meant.

I remember how I responded years ago when he first said to me that it is not good to follow desires. I just could not wrap my head around what he had said. Frankly, I flat-out rejected it. After all, I have wants, needs and desires. Why is it wrong, if I try to fulfill them? After years of reading the Quran and considering the ayat (verses) that dealt with lust and desires, I realized the learned man was right.

Some polygamous men marry for lust and go astray

There are good desires and bad ones. To want to worship and serve Allah is a good one. In fact, it is the best one to have. Many of the other desires are questionable. Certain ones of them can lead one astray from the straight path (the Mustaqueen). They could lead one away from the path of righteousness, away from the path of Allah that leads to Jannah/Paradise.

The best reason for a Muslim man to marry is so that he could serve and worship Allah better. He should want to marry a spouse who has the same goal. They should want to obey Allah and live the Quran so that they could go to Jannah/Paradise. Would not it be wonderful to have a marriage that could help take them there?

Think about how lust and desires come into play in your life and especially in a marriage that is polygamous. For instance, we all have a desire to please people, whether it is to please our spouses, children, families or friends. At times, what it takes to please those people conflicts with what Allah tells us to do and not to do. It is an example of how our desires could lead us astray.

Some polygamous men marry for lust, although Allah tells us not to do it

The best desire to have is the desire to worship and serve Allah, keeping religion pure and Holy for Him. With it said, a man should want to marry a woman who has the same desire. Many a love one leads one astray by having desires that are not good that the other one tries to fulfill. In other words,out of a mutual love for each other they lead each other astray.

For instance, for some people, wealth, children, commerce, food or drink are their lord. The desire to please a spouse when to do it would go against what Allah tells us to do is an example of following a bad desire. In conclusion, it is important to know that desires could become our Lord, and it is not good.

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Some Polygamous Men Marry for Lust

some polygamous men marry for lust

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    I’m very glad you like the post. Thank you for letting me know it.

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    Powerful words. Mashallah.