Some Women Will Not Accept Polygamy

Some women will not accept polygamySome women will not accept polygamy because they say they did not grow up that way. Let me say that most women whether they were born and raised “Muslim” or are reverts to Islam didn’t grow up embracing polygamy. It wasn’t part of their lives.

For those who say polygamy is new to them, I say, join the club. It’s new to a good number of women and men. So, that is no excuse to reject it.

It’s important for a Muslim to know that there is an ayah (verse) in the Holy Quran in which Allah tells us to slay ourselves. What does it mean? It doesn’t mean that we should kill ourselves. That we should commit suicide is not what it means.

It means that we should abandon the ways that we grew up with. We have to mend our lives by way of the Quran. It means that we need to live our lives based on what Allah says in the Quran. We need to learn Islam and live it.

A Muslim woman needs to stop trying to live in yesterday, in how she grew up. It’s no longer about what she learned in years gone by. Aren’t we supposed to do things differently than those not of our religion? Then why are Muslim women so intent on keeping their old ways?

Basically, if they don’t accept polygamy, they accept old beliefs. If a Muslim woman still talks about how she grew up and compares it to today, then something is wrong.

Some Women will not accept polygamy, because they want to do things their way

The wife doesn’t want her husband to marry another or doesn’t like that he has done it already. Some women do not want to accept polygamy because it’s not what she likes.She wants to live her life the way that she wants to live it. Specifically, she doesn’t want to share her husband. She finds any excuse not to do it.

In essence, she is like Satan (Iblis). She follows his ways. You may ask, how is it so?  Well, Allah dictated one thing and Satan thought it was best that he not obey Allah. If a woman wants to do things her way and oppose Allah, then she will go to the Hellfire. It is where Satan is going, as well

Allah tells us not to follow the way of Satan, or we will go to the Hellfire. He tells us to follow the way of His Prophets and Messengers. They will be in Paradise. Some women will not accept polygamy and don’t realize that they are helping to pave their way to the Fire.

Allah allows polygamy. If a man or a woman finds him or herself in a polygamous marriage, it is because Allah willed it. We shall not will except as Allah wills.

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some women will not accept polygamy

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