Tackle Issues about Polygamy in Islam

tackle issues about polygamy in IslamThere is a need to tackle issues about polygamy in Islam. It begins with Muslim women in the communities. Many of them look upon women in polygamous marriages negatively. For Muslims to help change how people see polygamy in Islam, they must change how they talk about the topic.

For beginners, they need to stop judging a woman based on what order she married her husband in. In Islam, a woman is wrong when she sees another as inferior simply because she accepted an offer of marriage from a man who was already married. For a woman to see polygamy in Islam as wrong, it hurts her soul. First of all, Allah ordained the marriage when it happens.

Without a doubt, we should accept polygamy in Islam as a good form of marriage. The wives of the Prophet Muhammad (PBUH) were not less because they were in a polygamous marriage. Those who weren’t his first wife were no less than the first one. For those who do not know, Aisha was not the Prophet Muhammad’s (PBUH) first wife when he was polygamous.

Allah lets us know that the best person is the one who is the most righteous. So, why do Muslims today discriminate between wives based on order? Why do they consider the one who married first as the superior one or the best wife?

There is a need to tackle Issues about Polygamy in Islam, and women must help

Sadly, Muslim women keep alive the false belief that a woman who marries a man who is already married is a desperate one. They keep alive the belief that such a woman is one who no man who is single wants. Basically, it all is untrue. Perhaps the men wanted the others as much as or more than they wanted the first ones.

It is not true that the women must fall into a group of those whom no one else wants, such as those who are old or ugly or handicapped or divorced or uneducated, or poor. Where does the idea come from that women who married in the order of 2nd, 3rd, or 4th were rejects? Why do women put them into a group? Allah says in the Quran for men to marry the single or virtuous. Therefore, all Muslim women who are single or virtuous are fair game, so to speak.

Many believe what they want to believe. Perhaps they want to discourage women from getting involved in a polygamous marriage or are insecure. They may fear having a co-wife.

To tackle issues about polygamy in Islam, women need to do their part

For a change to take place in how people view polygamy in Islam, women must do more to effect the change. The change begins with them. Women must begin to talk about polygamy in Islam in a good way. I don’t mean the way that men do it. Men are quick to talk about the benefits of polygamy in Islam. On the other hand, women should talk about how we are to accept what Allah allows, all that is in the Holy Quran.

No Muslim should look down on any woman who is in a polygamous marriage, regardless of what order she married in. Rather, women must stand for what is right. They should stand up for their sisters-in-faith and not tear them down.

In conclusion, women should speak up, stop being so full of fear and defend themselves. Particularly, they need to help end the type casting. Change begins with them. They must spearhead the change. Take the torch and run with it. They need to help make things better. Polygamy in Islam is a good thing.

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tackle issues about polygamy in Islam

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  • anabellah

    March 23, 2017


    It is very sad and troubling that so many people reject polygamy AND WANT TO KEEP ON REJECTING IT. They don’t want to discuss it as though, if they keep quiet about it, it doesn’t exist or they just don’t want to talk about it, as though it’s something that is a part of Islam that is extremely distasteful or something. As you stated, the Wiccan/pagan and Mormons accept it (although it’s done differently). Polygamy is part of our religion (way of life).

    I’ll admit, when I converted/reverted to Islam, it wasn’t something that I relished. Once I learned what Allah says – that we must accept ALL of the Quran, if we want to enter Jannah, I did what I had to do to accept it. It’s no picnic or walk in the park. It’s no bed of roses. Nevertheless, it is what it is. It doesn’t matter if a woman never becomes a part of a polygamous marriage or she does, it’s something that she MUST embrace and accept as a part of our way of life that is good.

    I pray that Allah swt let me accept every bit of the Quran. I know that I can’t and no one can enter Jannah without doing so.

    I’ve written to Muslim organizations as well and received no responses. I’m very disappointed with the Imams, sheiks and scholar about a lot that has to do with Islam.

  • Mari2

    March 23, 2017

    The sad thing is that finding a group of Muslim women to positively discuss being in a polygamous marriage is nearly impossible where I live. I submitted a request many months ago to the Imam of my mosque and never heard back. I live in a very religiously diverse area with varying sects of Islam represented, yet the only religious groups that I can find who allow discussions about polygamy are a wiccan/pagan group and a particular Mormon sect.