The Subtle Silent Enemy Shirk is a Sin

the subtle silent enemy shirk is a sin

Here on the Polygamy 411 blog we’ve talked about “shirk” from time to time. The subtle silent enemy shirk is a sin that often affects spouses, especially in polygamous marriages. It is a sin that can lead a person to the Hellfire. So, what exactly is “shirk” and how do we know when we are committing it?

To know if we commit shirk, we need to have a clear understanding of what it is. It is easy for a man or a woman to commit it without knowing it. First of all, Shirk is to give Allah a partner or to make someone or something equal to Him. It’s important to know that Allah will not forgive a person who commits shirk unless the person repents for the sin. The person must also seek Allah’s forgiveness for it before he or she dies.

The subtle silent enemy shirk is a sin that does not only involve statues

Some people wrongfully think shirk only applies to an idol, as in a wood carving. However, shirk could apply to a human being, as well. Sometimes a human being is an idol. For example, a person could make himself an idol or make another person one. A spouse is an idol for some people.  Additionally, some parents idolize their children. Idolatry can come in the form of wealth, too. It includes material possessions. Businesses that people own are sometime idols.

Many husbands do not know that the Subtle silent enemy shirk is a sin that some husbands commit in polygamous marriages. They make a wife their lord. I’m sure we all have heard of the husband who listens to and obeys his first wife in all her commands. For instance, a husband may hide his second marriage in fear of upsetting his first wife. The second wife then becomes the secret wife. It’s not right to have secret wives. The husband makes her one because he fears his first wife may leave him if she were to find out about the other. Additionally, he may not give his second wife her rights to overnight visits and, in essence, he makes her a mistress.

The subtle silent enemy shirk is a sin that some men commit by making their parents their lord, as well

The husband may marry a woman whom he does not want to marry, such as a first cousin. It’s the person whom his mother selected for him. He marries her anyhow, thinking that he must obey his mother. He fears her wrath. Basically, his mother has taken control of his life. It happens because he has an incorrect understanding of what it means to obey his parents.

In conclusion, we should make nothing and no one equal to Allah. Allah stands alone. Allah is One. He created us to worship Him. To worship Him is to obey Him in all that He instructs us in the Holy Quran. He says make nothing and no one equal to Him because He has no equal.

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the subtle silent enemy shirk is a sin

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