What About Polygamy and Lying

what about polygamy and lyingWhat about polygamy and lying do people overlook? Some people think it is okay for a husband in a polygamous marriage to lie to his wives. It is not. People learn wrongly that lying is okay in such a marriage.

Of course it is okay to lie as a stratagem of war. For instance, World War 1 or World War 11 or the Vietnam War were legitimate wars in which lying was okay. Although a husband and a wife may war between themselves, it’s not the same kind of war.

Some husbands find themselves in trouble with their wives. As a result, they lie to their wives to save their own hides. They lie to not face a problem or to get themselves out of a jam that they are in with their spouses. Indeed, their lies serve them. Their lies are not suitable.

On the other hand, some omit the truth or make it seem unimportant. For instance, a husband may keep from his first wife that he has a second wife. Why did he think she did not need to know? After all, it affects her. She should have a voice in it.

What about polygamy and lying make it right?

Allah speaks in the Quran about those who lie. He said there are some who deal in conjecture and lies only. It is what they do. Those who do not obey and serve Him are the ones who do it.

In light of it, when someone tells you that it is okay for a husband to tell a bald-face lie to his wives, think again. It’s not true. He wants an easier time with all his wives. The husband is not thinking of bringing about peace to others. He thinks of himself only.

Do not believe anyone who makes a blanket statement that a husband can lie to his wife. Husbands do not have a special privilege to lie. Surely, lying isn’t a good look, nor is it a good trait. It is a characteristic of one who does not believe.

Books about Polygamy in Islam

In the video below, you will get to see what lying looks like.

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  • anabellah

    September 30, 2016

  • Karima

    September 27, 2016


    Salam sis Ana thanx for this thread!!!! Why is it thought that us women do all the hard work trying to understand men usnerstand their nature , go to halaqas, attent lectures? Show interest in improving ourselves? Save our marriage n all:( Here at the masjid i go to there are rarely any men attending lectures. It’s only women:(. Sorry I got off the topic 

  • anabellah

    September 25, 2016

    In staying a tuned to politics surrounding the upcoming presidential election in the US, I’ve gotten a clear sight of what lying looks like and how prevalent it is. I’m fascinated to read what Allah in the Holy Quran tells us about life and see it play out. The meaning of life is in the Holy Quran.

    Link to Fact Check on Trump

  • anabellah

    September 25, 2016

    Now that I’m home, I was able to make an appropriate post/thread about polygamy and lying

  • anabellah

    September 25, 2016

  • anabellah

    September 24, 2016

    I found this video to be funny: