What Ana Believes Revisited

what ana believes revisitedI am writing this post, “What Ana Believes revisited”, due to a couple of comments that I received recently from two commentators that flabbergasted me. In this case, I wonder where their heads were. Where have they been all this time? How do they process information? How in the world do they think?

I’m simply amazed by what some of them have asked me. I’m totally dumbfounded by them and their senseless questions. As a result, I will write a general response for all who are of the same mindset as those two people. I’ll answer their questions in this simple post. After this, I need them not to ask me anymore.

One person who claims that she is Muslim wrote to me and asked if I am a certain type of Muslim. She said she has read the Polygamy 411 blog for a few years. Another asked me just yesterday what I believe. She said she had read the blog for months. Well, for crying out loud, if they have read the blog for years or months, then why don’t they know what they have read? Why can’t they answer their questions? Have they simply been reading words, and not know what the words mean?

 I wrote, “What Ana Believes Revisited” to let the readers know how to figure out who Ana is

There are articles on this site that clearly lets one know what I believe and what I think. The articles are: “About Polygamy 411”; “Things You Need to Know about Polygamy in Islam”; “More about Polygamy in Islam”; and “Important Message about Polygamy 411”. There are articles entitled, “Who is Ana of the Polygamy 411 blog” and “Ana aka Anabellah of Polygamy 411”.  The articles that describe the blog are: “Polygamy Marriage Support Group”; “Mission of Polygamy 411”; “Improved Free Polygamy 411 Blog”; and “New Polygamy 411 Blog”.

Additionally, I have written 116 articles on this site. The articles let all know what Ana believes and what she knows. Additionally, there are 8,969 comments/replies on the polygamy 411 blog. Ana usually replies to those who write here. Not to mention that the blog has been in existence for seven years and a month now. Nonetheless, it baffles me how anyone could ask me what I believe and expect me to answer in a few words. Furthermore, they shouldn’t expect me to answer at all. Their questions were already answered.

Notwithstanding the massive amount of information on this blog that lets all know exactly what I believe and what I knows. It makes me wonder what is wrong with some people. Allah in the Quran has let us know that some people are “deaf, dumb and blind”. Would those people who ask me the ridiculous questions fall into that category? I’m sorry if I offended anyone; but come on. This is why I wrote, “What Ana Believes Revisited.” Cut me a break…

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what Ana believes revisited

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