Who is Ana of the Polygamy 411 Blog

who is ana of the polygamy 411 blogWho is Ana of the polygamy 411 blog? Some have guessed about who she is. There are others who have come to their own conclusion. For the most part, many have made up stories in their minds about who she is. They believe what they want to believe about her. So, who exactly is she?

Notably, Ana of the polygamy 411 blog is the owner and manager of the blog and support group. The launch date was February 2009. By and large, it is a blog for all who have a positive interest in polygamy. The blog’s emphasis is on polygamy in Islam. With this in mind, all may comment on the blog. The person doesn’t have to be Muslim.

She revised the blog a few times. In the earlier edition of the blog, she let all know that she would not speak about her ethnicity, race, or age. The reason was so it would not cloud anyone’s judgment about who she is. The blog is not about that. What she believes and what she writes is most important.

We answered the question, who is Ana of the polygamy 411 blog? Now, what does she believe?

She believes in the One God. He is Allah. She believes in Allah’s angels. She believes in Allah’s original revelations (the Torah; the Zabur; the Injil; and the Holy Quran).  Nobel angels, indeed, in Heaven wrote the Holy Quran. Another key point is that the Angel Gabriel revealed the Quran to the Prophet Muhammad (PBUH). The Quran confirms the revelations that came before it. However it has a fuller explanation. Of course, it’s replete with knowledge, wisdom and understanding. As a matter of fact, it is a mercy to mankind.

It’s important to realize that Ana Polygamy believes in all of Allah’s Prophets, from Prophet Adam (PBUH) to Prophet Muhammad (PBUH). Prophet Muhammad (PBUH) was the seal of the Prophets. He was the last one that Allah sent. She believes in the Day of Judgement and in the Hereafter (Paradise and the Hell Fire). Furthermore, she believes in the will of Allah, especially that Allah decides all things.

To answer the question who is Ana of the polygamy 411 blog, I’ll give some personal data

She took the Shahada (oath) 30 years ago, confirming that she’s Muslim. She makes her intent to offer the (salat) five daily prayers. As prescribed, she fasts the Holy Month of Ramadan. She gives regularly in charity. Ana performed Hajj in 2005/2006.

Her writings mostly confirms what she has said above. Hence, there is no more to add about who she is.  So, there you have it. When asked, who is Ana on the polygamy 411 blog and what does she believe, you know what to say. She is all the above. If there is anyone who still needs to ask who is Ana of the polygamy 411 blog, she can’t help them. Apparently, it’s not for them to know.

The wife of the Prophet Muhammad (PBUH) , Aisha, said he was “The walking Quran.” With that said, was he a “Quranist Muslim”?

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