Wives should Worry Less About Polygamy

Wives should worry less about polygamy. They spend valuable time in polygamous marriages worrying about their husbands and their co-wives. Life isn’t about husbands and co-wives. Some of the wives think they gain barakat (blessings) by catering to their husbands, but they get it twisted. If the wives are not conscious of Allah while doing any act, the act is worthless. It doesn’t count. The act is as a leaf blowing in the wind.

I love the video shown below as it is so intense in explaining what life is about. It sums up in six minutes the meaning of life. The high quality video is astounding. It was explicit in describing how hard people work for material things and they die leaving all their things to others. The others probably didn’t work a day in their lives for it.

So many people work so hard to acquire worldly possessions spending hardly any time and some spend none reading the Holy Quran. Although we need to read it, to learn it and to live it. They barely focus on strengthening their belief in Allah (the one and only God) and doing good deeds. Although, they need good deeds to enter Jannah (Paradise).

Wives should worry Less about polygamy and more about what matters

The video is an excellent presentation that supports why wives should worry less about polygamy. Until a woman learns that Allah created mankind to serve and worship Him, she will not find peace and contentment in her life. As long as she obsesses and worry about anything other than Allah, she falls short in her worship of Him. Consequently, she will find that she is miserable in this life and her life in the Hereafter will be far worse.

I’m thankful to Allah (Great and Glorious is He) that He placed the video in my hands. I’m hopeful you all will appreciate what the brother-in-faith has shared with us, as I do. Especially, I pray that Allah rewards him immensely for a job well done.

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wives should worry less about polygamy

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