Women Cope amid Polygamy

women cope amid polygamyHow women cope amid polygamy in Islam depends on if they are Muslim or not. Some may ask, how do women cope amid polygamy in Islam when they are not Muslim? They don’t cope very well. When a non-Muslim woman married to a Muslim man suddenly finds herself in a polygamous marriage or finds she will soon be in one, she turns against her husband. She turns against Islam, as well.

How women cope amid polygamy when they are non-Muslims is by slandering and saying bad things about Islam and Muslims

How women cope amid polygamy when they are non-Muslims is by slandering and saying bad things about Islam and Muslims. They shouldn’t blame Islam or Muslims for their marital problems. The non-Muslim woman needs to take the blame for the part she played in the situation.

Did she seek knowledge of Islam before she married the man? Did she know Allah allows men to marry more than one woman and up to four at the same time? Did she know no one knows the future, except Allah? No Muslim man knows if Allah will make him polygamist or not. Did she try to learn the religion (Islam) to serve and worship Allah? It’s the reason Allah created us.

Some may ask what the difference is between a non-Muslim and a Muslim woman who are in a polygamous marriages, who suffer and don’t want to live the lifestyle. Muslim women cope amid polygamy  by trying to turn their full attention to Allah. She tries to get her life right with her Lord. She won’t slander Islam or Muslims. She would not do such a thing as she fears Allah’s wrath. Out of what may seem a terrible thing could come a lot of good. It may take a lot of time for her to cope. It doesn’t happen over night. With patience, perseverance, and prayer, she can do it.

A Muslim woman can find peace and contentment in her life. She could have peace and tranquility in her marriage. Polygamy is a learning experience. It may pave the way for her to enter Jannah/Paradise. We should seek to enter Jannah/Paradise. This life is temporary. It is passing. Paradise is not on this planet.

How women cope amid polygamy in Islam depends on the reason they accepted Islam

How women cope amid polygamy in Islam depends on the reason they accepted Islam. Some women convert to Islam to get married. Some women revert later in the marriage after the husband marries a Muslim woman. In this case the woman converted to level the playing field, so to speak. If she didn’t become Muslim to marry the Muslim man, she became Muslim to compete better with the husband’s new Muslim wife or the future wife. The wife who converted to marry the husband never truly accepted Islam. Many times she leaves Islam and the marriage.

A way women cope amid polygamy in Islam is to know why they accepted Islam

A way women cope amid polygamy in Islam is to know why they accepted Islam. A person should accept Islam to serve and worship Allah, as He commands us to in the Holy Quran. If anyone accepts Islam for any other reason(s), problems will occur. The person only gets what she sets out to get when she accepted Islam.

If the acceptance was for a spouse, all the person gets is a spouse. The person gets no protection or blessings that Allah promised the Believers. Some people take Allah for a joke. They take the oath (Shahadah) to become Muslim to satisfy their wishes and to get what they want.They have no fear of Allah. They have no love for Allah in their hearts.

When Muslims marry people of their own belief (Islam), and they are all believers, they will be on the same page. They play and read from the same sheet of Music. Muslims should find harmony when they try to follow Allah’s commands. When we don’t obey Allah, we will have problems that will be overwhelming.

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