World Oldest Quran Found

world oldest Quran found

I am very excited to learn about the world oldest Quran found in Birmingham. It is said to be the oldest fragments of the Quran in the world. It dates back to the earliest years of Islam. The fragments of the world oldest Quran found in Birmingham was located in the Library of the University of Birmingham, Edgbaston, Birmingham, United Kingdom. The fragments are said to be near 1,370 year old. It is believed the writer of this Quran may have personally known the Prophet Muhammad (PBUH).

The world oldest Quran found in Birmingham is a huge discovery

I am Muslim. I believe the world oldest Quran found in Birmingham is a huge discovery. I rely entirely and solely on the Holy Quran.  It is the word of Allah. It is my guide for life. It is my constitution. Allah said He has protected it from corruption.

David Thomas, the University of Birmingham Professor of Christianity and Islam said, “These portions must have been in a form that is very close to the form of the Koran read today, supporting the view that the text has undergone little or no alteration and that it can be dated to a point very close to the time it was believed to be revealed.”

The world oldest Quran found in Birmingham is an amazing discovery. Professor Thomas said, “the parts of the Koran that are written on this parchment can, with a degree of confidence, be dated to less than two decades after Muhammad’s death”.

The world oldest Quran found in Birmingham gives me so much joy to know it exists

It is so wonderful and amazing to me that the fragments of the world oldest Quran found in Birmingham exists. It gives me so much joy. It would be so awesome to see the fragments of it in person.

People on the internet have called me a “Quranist Muslim.” I don’t know what that is. I can only guess. I don’t belong to any sect. Allah orders us in the Holy Quran not to divide our religion into sects. He says we are one brotherhood. I try to obey Him. I follow the Holy Quran. It is the word of Allah.

The Muslims who say I am an unbeliever because I follow, and try to live the word of Allah in the Holy Quran have committed a serious sin of slander. The sin of Shirk that they commit is far worse.

The world oldest Quran found in Birmingham confirms Allah has protected the Book

I believe Allah when He said the Quran is replete with knowledge. He said everything we need is in it. It is the only Book He has protected. It is the Book the Prophet Muhammad (PBUH) left us to follow. It was his Sunnah. It way his way of life.

Many Muslims commit the sin of shirk. It is one of the most serious sins anyone could commit. It is to give Allah a partner or to make something equal to Him.  They associate man-made books (Hadiths) with the word of Allah. They worship the Prophet Muhammad (PBUH), and has made him an equal to Allah. They follow the ways of the Christians who worship Jesus.

Those Muslims have gotten Islam twisted. They do not wrong me. They wrong their own souls. They will account to Allah for the wrong that they have done. They show how ignorant some Muslims are of their own religion. It shows how people follow the ignorant, as well.

The article, “Oldest Quran found in Birmingham” is a must read

A link to the article is below:

‘Oldest’ Quran found in Birmingham

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world oldest Quran found

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